About Us: The People Who Can’t Stop Talking About Baseball

Hello again and welcome to our blog! You might have already read our first post, which briefly retold the history of baseball and how it turned from an amateur sport to the most profitable professional sport in the United States.

You might have also read some of the articles, but what you don’t know is why we created this blog in the first place and why we love baseball so much to do so. This is why we decided to dedicate this part of the blog to discussing these two questions that you might find interesting.

Our Humble (Little) Beginnings

First things first – we are Canadian. Yes, we also love and play baseball, and if you read our article on the history of baseball in Canada, you will find out that we were the ones to play it first in North America and we are responsible for exporting it to the United States.

Yes, we are bragging because we believe this is something that should be definitely bragged about. Baseball is awesome and we are gonna take every credit for it that we are able to get our hands on.

If you are curious as to why we love baseball so much (as if it isn’t obvious why by watching a game or two), it’s because we not only follow every game of our home team, the Toronto Blue Jays, but we also played the sport as kids.

In fact, we met while playing baseball as kids in Toronto. The parents of each of us are life-long baseball fans and they all nourished the love for the sport from a very young age. We couldn’t wait to start playing the game and it turned out to be even more fun once we entered Little League Canada.

This is where we met and we became friends for life. Despite our best efforts, we were simply not made to be professional baseball players, so we never progressed past the junior leagues. Still, we never stopped loving the game and our friendship only strengthened over the years.

Why We Created the Blog

All of us remained close and we also kept playing baseball in our free time. A few years ago, we also became fascinated with Fantasy Baseball, which further fuelled our interest in baseball stats. Yes, we’ve played the game, but we didn’t quite realise the importance of stat managing until much later.

This proved to us, once and for all, that baseball is the best sport to ever exist (you don’t want to argue with us on the topic, we have evidence). Hence why we wanted to share this with the whole world by creating a blog dedicated to baseball.

In this blog, we want to tell people the history of the game, the gameplay, and many other fun things that they might not know about the gentleman sport. We will aim to include all the basics, so you can use this blog as an introduction to baseball if you have no idea what the game is.

We will also give something to die-hard fans like us such as curious stats, impressive records and much more. No matter whether you are a novice or a veteran, this blog will serve you well in your continuous exploration of the sport.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this post and getting to know us, and thank you for visiting the blog and thus supporting this project that is so dear to us.