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60' Bases - 2 Umpires
90' Bases - 2 Umpires


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This page is designed to help umpires understand the basics of positioning and the rules.

Below is an example of a home plate umpire positioning himself in the Slot Position. The Slot Position is the area between the batter and the inside corner of the plate. This is a popular position taken by home plate umpires as it allows them to see the whole area of the plate.


Below are videos from the NCAA which depict examples of proper umpire positioning, how to handle certain situations,  and how to rule given difficult calls. 

NCAA - Umpiring Video Bulletin # 1

NCAA - Umpiring Video Bulletin # 2

NCAA - Umpiring Video Bulletin # 5

NCAA Website - Video Bulletins - 2005

NCAA Website - Video Bulletins -2004

Little League Baseball Videos 

Obstruction Video - Little League International

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