Little League Tournaments 2006


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Little League Baseball Tournaments & Champions 2006



T-Ball League

(Ages: 6-7-8)

COTEAU DU LAC - LES CEDRES, QC  -   July 14 - 23

Champion: Unknown



Minor League

(Ages: 9-10)

VERDUN, QC  -   July 14th - 23rd

Champion: Valleyfield, QC


Little League Major

(Ages: 11-12)

VALLEYFIELD, QC  -   July 21st - 30th

Champion: Notre-Dame-de-Grace, QC

[Canadian Provincial Tournaments]

WHALLEY, BC  -   August 5th - 12th

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Champion: British Columbia - Whalley LL, Surrey,  BC

WILLIAMSPORT, PA   -    August 18th - 27th

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Champion: USA: Columbus Northern LL

Columbus, Georgia

Junior League

(Ages: 12-14)

NOTRE-DAME-DE-GRACE, QC  -   July 20th - 30th

Champion: Notre-Dame-de-Grace, QC

LETHBRIDGE, AB   -  August 3rd - 10th

Champion: Ontario  - East Nepean LL, East Nepean, ON

TAYLOR, MI   -    August 13th - 19th

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Champion: USA: El Campo LL, El Campo, TX

Senior League

(Ages: 14-16)

NOTRE-DAME-DE-GRACE, QC  -   July 24th - 30th

Champion: Valleyfield, QC

SYDNEY MINES, NS   -   August 3rd - 10th

Champion: Prairies - Regina National LL, Regina, SK

BANGOR, ME   -    August 13th - 19th

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Champion: Latin America: Paraguana  LL

Falcon, Venezuela

Big League

(Ages: 16-18)


Champion: Valleyfield, QC

BROSSARD, QC    -   July 20th - 26th

Champion: British Columbia - District 3 - Fraser Valley, BC

EASLEY, SC   -    July 29th - August 5th

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Champion: USA: District 13 - Thousand Oakes, CA



NDG Novice Team - NDG Major Lynx -  NDG Major Lions - NDG Junior Lynx



NDG Major Lynx

Major Provincial Champions - 2006


Back Row (left to right):

Patrick Raftus (Manager), Eric St-Mars (Coach), Benjamin Hiscott, David Fitzsimmons,

Kevin Kelly (Head Coach), Mike Latsis (Head Coach)

 Middle Row (left to right):

Bradley Lis D'Alessandro, David Kelly, Gabriel Cuevas-Perez, Gregory Duran, Jonathan Raftus

Front Row (left to right):

Zachary Aaron, Sean Griffin, Jackson Morgan, Alexandre Vaillant-Bedard, Frederick St-Mars,

Alexander Latsis


Major Lynx Quebec

Provincial Champions - 2006

July 4, 2006

By Kevin Kelly

The NDG Major Lynx defeated Valleyfield 2-1 in eight innings this afternoon to capture the Quebec Major A division championship.

In a hotly disputed contest, David Fitzsimmons pitched 5 2/3 brilliant innings, striking out 9 and allowing only two hits.  Jonathan Raftus displayed nerves of steel coming on in relief in the sixth inning.  Gabriel Cuevas-Perez  knocked in David

Fitzsimmons with the go ahead run in the top of the eighth inning.  Raftus then struck out the side to end the game.

The game was also marked by some sterling defensive plays.  Second baseman

Sean Griffin and right fielder Gregory Duran made game-saving catches for the Lynx in the seventh inning.

This championship is a tremendous team victory!  The players displayed great character playing in front of a very large, pro-Valleyfield crowd.  Congratulations to them as well as the coaching staff and their parents.  They have worked exceedingly hard to achieve this goal!

The Major Lynx are off to Whalley, BC for the Canadian Championships! 



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July 21st - 30th


NDG Major Lions

Major "B" Provincial Champions - 2006


Back Row (left to right):

Jean-Philippe Charest, Dan Fox, Victor Brunton, Cameron Maag

 Middle Row (left to right):

Lee Jardin, Jamal Noel, Oliver Singson, Isaac Perez

Front Row (left to right):

Bryant Richards (Out of Photo), Daniel Capriollo, Lucas Fox, John Anderson


Major "B"

Provincial Tournament News 

Valleyfield, QC

Major Lions Quebec -  Provincial "B" Champions - 2006

The Major Lions beat Ile Perrot 13 - 3 in the final game to become the Major "B" Provincial Champions. The Major Lions went into the finals needing to beat Ile Perrot twice, a team they had lost to 27 - 10 a few days earlier, to win the championship. The first game was forfeited by Ile Perrot for reasons unknown at this time but it meant the Major Lions needed only to win the final game to be crowned provincial champions and they succeeded. Congratulations to the Major Lions and their coaching staff


July 24th, 2006

We have 2 wins and 1 loss---With our win over Valleyfield in game 1 (4-3) we were looking forward to playing Ile Perrot in our second game. We were in the game until a late inning collapse gave us our first loss (27-10).

Monday night Lee Jardin pitched his second complete and victorious game highlighted by Cameron Maag who hit an excuse me inside the park home-run. He was out of energy in between 2nd and 3rd base but was waved home by third base coach Victor Wolfe. The catcher had the ball in his hand about five seconds before Cameron neared the plate, but just as the catcher went to apply the tag, Cameron jumped over him to score the run. How about that!



July 22nd - 30th


NDG Junior Lynx

Junior Provincial Champions - 2006

Back Row (left to right):

Danilo Cardoza, Greg Pernell (Equipment Manager),

Jan Sauvé-Frankel (Coach), Michael Fitzsimmons, Sebastian Meltzer,

Remel Cris Ong, Timothy Maag, Jonathan Pendenza,

Serge Seguin (President LLQ)


Front Row (left to right):

Justin Filteau, Daniel Baslyk, Jeremi Doyon-Roch, Carey Ashton (Coach),

Matthew Chiovitti, Ryan Boyd, Robbie Schneidman, Jon Melkerson


Junior Lynx

Quebec Provincial Champions - 2006

July 30, 2006


The Junior Lynx beat Valleyfield handily yesterday 22 - 2 to win the Junior Provincial title. The Junior Lynx will be off to the Nationals in Lethbridge, Alberta on Tuesday.

With regards to the teams stats. For

the tournament the Junior Lynx scored 94 runs while the opposition scored only 5.

As director of the tournament (James Rankine) I would like to thank Russell Martin, whose son Russell Martin Jr. plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers, for coming out to throw the first pitch of the game on Sunday. I'm sure it was a treat for many young aspiring ball players.

I would also like to thank all the hard working dedicated volunteers who made the tournament possible. Those individuals who were instrumental for the tournaments success were: Debbie Praw, Celine Massy, Greg Pernell, Katherine Gall, Terry Doucet, Bob Charette, Stewart Michaelson, Fred Friedberg, Ginette Sauvé-Frankel, Alexandra Dejesus, Connor Dejesus, Johanne Robinson, Laura Winer, Karen Poulsen, Diana Stepner, & David Gian.

I would also like to thank the following families and individuals for billeting players from Val-d'Or: The Stepner Family, The Sokol-Rubinstein Family, The Parnass Family, The Schniedman Family, and Genevieve Charette.

Thanks also goes out out to Paul Desjardins of Desjardins Ford for allowing us to use one of his vans free of charge throughout the tournament.  

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July 20th - 30th


NDG Novice Lynx

Novice Provincial Champions - 2006


Back Row (left to right):

Laurie Nyveen, Lionel Geller, Stuart Laurie, Dan Fox, Emilio Hernandez, Serge Seguin (President LLQ), Sam Antel

 Middle Row (left to right):

Paddy O'Connor, Isaiah Fox, Dean Cuillerier, Miguel Candelari, Brandon Hernandez-Perez, Gabriel Martinez,

Benji Budman, Ryan Antel, Adam Antel

Front Row (left to right):

Gabriel Kosik-Desmond, Mathew Paterson-Cormier, Edgar Hudson-Aguilar, Raul Lopez, Lloyd Ellacott

Jacob Nyveen, Nathaniel Zipper, James Lourie

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