NDG Baseball Coach


First of all I want to thank first of all the parents.

"Baseball teaches us the ability to deal with failure and as a grown man;
this will be one of each of our players' greatest assets."

Taking part of a competitive team is not a one player commitment but rather a family commitment.

The long hours of practices, the long trips; basically when a child becomes a Lynx player.

They end up screwing the whole summer for the parents and family.

The players and family deserve all the accolades the team has accomplished, well deserved.

 It is easy to determine if a season was successful when our team ends up
wining the LLC Quebec title and the BQ Peewee A Provincial tournament.

But not all Championships define success.

I am more proud on seeing the evolution of each member of our team from the
early days of the winter clinics to this past week-end.

The improvement and contribution of each player was vital to the team

I remember our early exhibitions games when the coaching staff was
struggling figuring out who would be our catchers, especially when Efrain
would be pitching.

Well in Drummondville we a pair of rookies took charge behind the plate and
at the BQ Provincial they dominated.

Antonio schooled all the catchers this past weekend. Chipper was excellent
calling his games. And both of them wanted to have runners on the bases to
shoot them down.

Our pitchers came in flying colors, throwing strikes and being economical
with their pitch count.

We had an average of 8 bunts per game.

This is my favourite stat. As a bunt is the perfect mark of a player
dedicated to the team.

The head umpire came to me this past weekend and asked me, WHY we would give
the home field advantage when we wan the flips.

I reply as follows, do you follow hockey? He said yes (a bit stunned). I
said in hockey you always want to score the first goal or give the first
body check to implant your tempo.

He looked at me amazed, then I continued,  we love playing away as we start
with a bang and we take over the tempo of the game> After the first inning,
the other teams are running after us.

And running we did.....

To Efrain Jr, Efrain Sr , Anthony, Justin, Brunel, Cris and  Michele..... I
thank you all for the leading the team. A team back bone is it's veterans.

I wish you all the best for next year as the unwritten rule of baseball are
life lessons and a boy becomes a man when he gets his first pair of metal

To Chipper, Antonio, Brandon, Gabriel, Jonathan, Scott and Kevin..... Enjoy
this glory as we shall do it again next year.

All Vets and rookies played their heart out this past four months.

Baseball teaches us respect, humility, class and honor;
.................When we were in Glace Bay Mr. Hayes came to me and
personally congratulated me for having such a classy and respectful team.

One of the Umps today came to me and told me that we where the only team
this year that after each game, would take the time to thank each umpire for
their game.....

Baseball teaches us the ability to deal with failure and as a grown man;
this will be one of each of our players' greatest assets.

 Seeing Scott gain confidence also enlighten my season, he finally
understood that confidence is .... Believing he can do something he just
failed at.

And these are the reasons I look at this season as a successful year.....

 Once again I thank you all for the great year,

On behalf of Rafael and Efrain Sr. I give you this thought:

Your children came to the diamond to learn baseball, now they leave the
diamond learning life......

You Are All Quebec Champs!


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