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Hi Guys,

So there's really not much to say when you lose a National title game 19-4. BC scored 2 touchdowns, kicked a field goal, and tackled us in our end-zone for a safety!!  Kidding...

We just ran out of gas at the wrong time. Too many double-headers, too many sore arms, too much heat & humidity, etc. 

Besides today's obviously disappointing result, this team has SO much to proud of. We came back from a 1-2 record to finish 3-2, and headed to the medal round. Then, we upset the # 1 ranked Host team for a birth in the finals. Unfortunately, for weather-related reasons, we were forced to play our second Double-Header in a few days...So no excuses, but we WERE energy-deprived by the time the game rolled around.

Steve and I (and Ray) can only be impressed by how well this young team performed. The boys are already talking about Big League 2014!

We want to thank Mary Catherine for everything that she does for the team, year-in and year-out. A huge thank you to the other parents who traveled to Windsor to cheer us on (Shari, Sheryl, jill, Stephane, Les Belangers, the Antonakopoulos family, the Rudmans from Chicago,, David T, etc. -- my apologies if I forgot someone).

We've received good wishes from tons of people with a current or prior connection to NDG Baseball, and they are all appreciated.

James Rankine & Ken Quinn have done an incredible job keeping all of you up-to-date on our progress.

Thank you to all the NDG Execs and Board Members who have helped support our team in many ways.

Now we get to sit back and cheer on some of the younger NDG Lynx teams!

Thanks for following,

Bobby T.


CTV NEWS -  Randy's Rookies

Big League Lynx Player - Liam Wyatt

Senior Little League World Series Stats:

2011 - 1st - OBP .714,  6th - BA .566;

2012 - Senior World Series Record: Most Walks in One Game (5)



Hi Guys,

The "Refuse to Lose" motto that we adopted earlier in the tournament still holds true!  Despite all the craziness from last night, our boys showed up this morning very focused and ready to go.

Steve and I decided to change things up a bit on the we gave Liam Wyatt the ball and sat back and watched!  What we saw was one of our flagship players throw 5 2/3 innings of 3 hit ball, with 1 earned run. Their only run was scored on a well-executed 'suicide squeeze'. Liam threw 107 pitches in a gutsy performance that demonstrated why he gets so much attention within our program. Unfortunately, Liam is not available to help on the mound in the Final game later today.

At the plate, we had contributions from EVERYBODY in the line-up. Quintin and Zane had key 2-strike hits in the bottom of the 6th inning to get the rally started. Liam and Eric had key rbis. Jake, Raffi and Alex all had important hits or SAC flies at key times. Liam Griffin had his standard 2 line drive hits...and K-Hop had a hugely important SAC bunt which lead to a run early in the game. And of course, Kris H. came into the game after Liam hit his pitch limit to get the final 4 outs. The top of the 7th was a bit shaky defensively, but Kris persevered and closed it out. Our bench was phenomenal, providing huge support for their teammates.

We now have 1 more to go. Obviously, BC has an advantage, as they did NOT have a double-header today!  So their pitching should much more rested than ours. For us, it will probably be a 'Bullpen by Committee' later this afternoon. But this group of boys has shown over the past few years that they know how to overcome adversity. If I was a betting man, I wouldn't bet against them!!

One more to go....

FYI - Our boys have been asking how the other Lynx teams have been doing...the Big League Lynx wish them the BEST OF LUCK in their respective tournaments!!

Bobby T.



Hi Everyone,

As I write this at 6am Saturday morning, I realize how crazy a night it was last night!

The game (or 'non-game'!) began with very dark, ominous clouds hovering nearby. Little League has very specific lightning-related rules in order to ensure player safety. If a lightning strike is observed by any umpire or tournament official, everyone MUST leave the field and the dugouts for 15 mins.  If lightning is observed again within that 15 min. period, then the clock resets!  If my memory serves me correctly, we had 2 or 3 of those official delays during the first half-inning! (ie: Chris A was forced to warm-up and get ready on 3 different occasions).  We wanted to get the game in as much as anyone, but we really started to question the rationale for the game even starting. As one might expect in those difficult circumstances, we had a rough first half-inning, giving up 4 runs. In the bottom half on the 1st, Quintin led off with a walk and advanced to 2nd on a wild pitch. With Zane at the plate, the downpour started.

Both team were forced to wait at the field (for a few hours), while the tournament officials debated all the issues at hand:  The lightning; the rain; the deteriorating condition of the field; the 1:00am LL curfew for Big League; the 11:30 City of Windsor curfew for the park, etc., etc.

Ultimately, they decided to postpone and re-start the game today (Sat.) @ 10:00am. Because the 1st inning was NOT completed, the game re-starts from 'scratch'. So the score does not apply and the pitch counts are wiped out. The game re-starts at 0-0.

Many of our boys were taking video with their smartphones of the constant "light show" in the sky. This was not something that we ever see in Montreal!  Being on a wet field in those circumstances was probably not the safest thing...and the right decision was ultimately made.

We are now scheduled for a 10am re-start. Obviously, whomever wins our game will be forced to play a double-header today, with the National Championship game scheduled for 4pm today. This is definitely an advantage for BC (who won their semi-final yesterday afternoon), but Mother Nature often plays a role in these long tournaments!

Stay tuned for any other updates...and wish us luck.

Bobby T.


(photos courtesy of Mary-Catherine Carmel)






Hey Guys,

So here's the full story:  Windsor finished the preliminary round in first place, with a 5-0 record. After that, it's a lot more confusing. BC, Alberta & Quebec all finished with 3-2 records, meaning that all 3 of us advanced to the playoff round with Windsor (Sask and Ont were eliminated). It was a bit more complicated determining the ranking of spots 2, 3 & 4. We beat Alberta, but lost to BC.   BC beat us, but lost to Alberta, etc, etc. So the next tiebreaker is a 'ratio' of Runs Allowed divided by the amount of Defensive Innings Played in the field. Because we gave up a lot of runs (unnecessarily!) earlier in the tourney, we did not have the best ratio. Bottom line, we finished in the 4-spot using these arcane, Little League tiebreaker rules (and James already has all the calculations posted to our site!). That sets us up for a 7pm matchup vs the Host and clear favourites, Team Windsor. BC and Alberta continue their 'Western rivalry' at 4pm.

Weather may be a big issue again today. If thunderstorms hit again, it's possible that BOTH semi-finals could be postponed until tomorrow morning...meaning that both Semis and the finals would be played on the same day!  Not ideal...but it would affect all 4 teams equally.

Other than Jeremie B, all of our pitchers are 'free', and ready to go. We are treating tonight's game like the final...and will only think about the 'next' game if/when we win.  There won't be any 'saving' of anybody for a future game.

Not to make ANY excuses in advance, but we recently discovered that of the 17 players Windsor has on their roster, 16 of them are '2nd year' Big League age. For our team, out of 15 players, ONLY 2 are '2nd year' Big League age (in fact, 5 of our guys are actually Senior age!). So regardless of the outcome tonight, we are SO proud of how the boys have performed on the field.

On a side note, one of the waitresses/cleaning staff at the College made a point this morning of telling us that she's never seen a more polite & respectful team in her years working here. We are EXTREMELY proud of that as well!

All we can do now is be prepared to play our best game of the tournament, against the favoured Host team. Steve & I are confident the boys will be ready to go...

Bobby T.









Hi Guys,

So the slogan for today could be "
Refuse To Lose"!

After coming back against Alberta in the 9am suspended game, we had to find enough energy to get ready for the 1pm match-up vs Saskatchewan. It is hard to describe how hot and humid it is here. We have now resorted to 'borrowing' face cloths from our hotel, chilling them in coolers filled with ice water, and using them to cool off our guys each inning. A few players (on other teams) have suffered dehydration or heat-related symptoms. We force our boys to drink every inning to stay hydrated. All this to say, it was not easy having to re-load for a 2nd game today!

We gave the ball to our workhorse, Chris Antonakopoulos to start vs Sask.  Despite the heat, Chris gave us a couple of quality innings, keeping the game close. He was followed by K-Hop, Raffi Zapata and finally Liam Wyatt. It is very timely that Liam was featured today on a CTV-Montreal segment of "Randy's Rookies" (already posted to the NDG Baseball website by our esteemed webmaster James Rankine). Liam tied an MLB record held by recording 2 saves on the same day! 

We probably faced the toughest pitching that we've seen all tournament today vs Sask. He was a hard-throwing lefty with an outstanding curve ball. But our boys did what they had to do to scrape together a few hits. We also took advantage of some weaker infield defense to get additional guys on base. On our side, we finally played a Lynx-type of game defensively, with outstanding plays by Eric P, Liam W and a great relay/cut-off/tag play at home involving Zane, Liam and Alex. When we play that way, we are tough to beat. All of our bench guys have been helping out with pinch-running, DH-ing, and defensive replacements (Daniel, Sam B, Cedrik)...and Sam Fagen has done an amazing job getting each of our successive pitchers warmed up and ready to go.

Now we get to 'scoreboard watch' a little!  We are done, having finished the preliminary round with a 3-2 record. We are completely off tomorrow (a blessing for our sore arms), while the other teams fight for their spots in the playoff round. We may do some scouting...but the boys will have a sleep-in and probably just chill around the college campus tomorrow.

The road this year was much tougher than in 2011 & 2012, but we are exactly where we wanted to be at this point!

Thanks for following, Bobby T.






(See Windsor Star for more photos)


Liam Wyatt

Alex Carmel Jake Titleman Quintin Foster







Hi Guys,

Step 1 Accomplished!!

When we met last night, we told the boys that our only chance to advance in this tourney was dependent on us making a big comeback in the 'suspended' game. As you know, we were down 5-3 in the bottom of the 3rd inning, and Alberta had 2 runners on base. Jeremie Briere entered the game on the mound in a tough spot. We gave up 1 run to make it 6-3. But our boys do NOT give up! 

In the top half, we put up 3 runs to tie the score at 6-6. Then we gave up another 2 runs to make it 8-6. At that point, I think the heat and humidity prevented me from remembering the next few innings. Bottom line, we entered the top of the 7th (we were Visiting team), down 9-8. We called a quick team meeting in front of our dugout...and basically let the boys talk amongst themselves -- they KNEW what they had to do!  We proceeded to score 4 huge runs to make in 12-9. Liam Wyatt came in for the save in the bottom of the 7th.

Jeremie gave us a clutch pitching performance when we needed it most. Unfortunately, he had to throw more than 60 pitches in the process, so he is done for the tourney. At the plate, we had great contributions from Eric P, Zane M, Jake T, Liam W, Liam G and others.  K-Hop (DH) had a line-shot single when we needed it most

Now we have Step 2 ahead of us!  If we don't beat Saskie @ 1pm, then this comeback will not be as meaningful. But we showed a lot of character nonetheless. Boys just had a Subway lunch at the field. Starting to get ready for the next one...

Wish us luck,  Bobby T.






There be Panda Bears in Windsor....

Quintin & Eric Shopping at Costco

Hi Guys,

As you probably know by now, our game # 4 vs Alberta (1pm on Wed.) was postponed by lightning and rain. We were down 5-3 in the bottom of the 3rd (Alberta was Home)...and they had runners at 1st and 2nd with 1 out. The game will be continued from that exact spot @ 9am on Wed.   We desperately need to come back and win that game!  We would then play our regularly scheduled game # 5  @ 1pm vs Saskatchewan.  All of the above is 'weather-permitting', of course.

If we can somehow come back to win the game tomorrow am...and then follow that with a victory vs Sask in the pm, then we'd finish 3-2, with a great chance to make the semis. That was our goal from day 1 of this tourney:  To try to be one of the 4 remaining teams with a shot at the big prize!

We had a great team dinner at our dorm and our boys went to bed relatively early. Steve and I believe that the boys will be ready for the task at hand!  Wish us luck,

Bobby T.


(photos courtesy of Céderik Bélanger's parents)










Hi Guys,

So Game 3 was "the one that got away". We finally played a real Lynx-type game defensively, at least until the top of the 6th inning (we were the Home team). We entered the 6th with a 4-3 lead, on the back of some gutsy pitching by Cedrik Belanger and a very clutch performance by Kris Hopkins. But once again, we were undone by some shoddy defense, a couple of walks, and some debatable calls behind the plate. Bottom line, we have up 4 runs on NO HITS, with one ball leaving the infield (a huge Sac fly to deep left-centre). We made a valiant attempt at another 'cardiac kids' comeback in the bottom of the 7th. Sam Fagen led off with a pinch hit infield single. Zane Monk (he of the High OBP!) got on base too. And then Liam score both with a huge double to left-centre. Unfortunately, we couldn't cash in Liam from 2nd...and walked away very disappointed with a 7-6 loss.

As we all know, we are a very 'young' team relative to the others in the tournament. We need to develop that 'killer instinct' as a team that doesn't allow our opponents to get back into a game when we're in a position to 'close the deal'. But we are completely confident that this group is capable of doing that. Unfortunately, this is a VERY short tournament, so we're going to have to demonstrate that starting today @ 1pm vs Alberta. With a 1-2 record, both of the remaining games are 'must-win' affairs. So we'll take one at a time, starting with today. We have Chris A and Jeremie Briere available, so we are confident with our pitching slate for the game. If we can play good, fundamental baseball in all facets of the game, we know that we can be competitive with anyone here!

...And that is the challenge before us today.

Bobby T.





GAME 2  -  ONTARIO 10  vs  QUEBEC  11


"What the hell -- you might as well get a hit!". Liam Griffin, Bangor ME, August 2012."

The above quote, attributed to Liam Griffin at last year's Senior League World Series, proved to be prophetic earlier today! 

It would be impossible for me to review today's game, inning by inning. There was just too much happening...and most of it was NOT GOOD!  There is an old saying in baseball that sometimes "good teams can win a bad game" -- well that was certainly the case today. Our usually stellar defense was missing in action once again. This pretty much sums it up:  Ontario scored 10 runs on 5 hits ( read that right!). Along with a few too many walks issued by our pitchers, we muffed a few of the routine plays which helped create that stat-line for Team Ontario.

But the bottom line is that our boys fought back from a few big deficits late in the game. In the bottom of the 7th with the Lynx being down 10-9, Ontario chose to walk Raffi Zapata intentionally to face Alex Carmel. With the bases juiced, AC worked a walk to tie the game @ 10. So that set the stage for Liam "what the hell--you might as well get a hit" Griffin!  And 'get a hit' he did, lining a clean, "walk-off" single to right centre.  Liam G. has a very calm, business-like approach at the plate...and it's been very successful so far.  Sam Fagen was almost concussed after colliding with their catcher while trying to join the post-game celebrations.

Did I mention how HOT it was today?  My car thermostat showed 35 degree...and that is without factoring in the humidity.   The boys stayed hydrated long enough to execute a walk-off comeback!

We had a great Team/Family BBQ back at the Residence Hotel, with Steven capably handling the grill:)  Later in the evening, we chatted with the boys about this tournament being a "Marathon, not a sprint". He haven't come close to playing 'our game' yet...but we are still 1-1, with B.C. on the slate @ 1pm tomorrow. We're going to be ready to go...

Goodnight, Bobby T.




GAME 1  -  QUEBEC  2 vs  WINDSOR  9


Hi Guys,

So this was not exactly how we wanted to start the 2013 Big League Nationals. Our opening match vs. the Host team (Windsor) was like the 'tale of 2 games'. As usual Chris Antonakopoulos, gave us a quality start. He was ahead on most counts, and kept the Windsor hitters off balance. Unfortunately, we had a tough time giving Chris a cushion, as we left many runners on base over the first 3 innings. Windsor took an early 1-0 lead, but that was erased by a clutch hit by DH Liam Griffin to tie the game at 1-1. The game stayed tied until the 5th. This is where the 'tale of 2 games' come into play!  Our normally reliable defense had a rough time of it in the 5th. Our boys 'lost' a couple of balls in the twilight sky (even the Umps said they couldn't see the balls) and 1 or 2 errors, combined to allow Windsor to take a lead. We countered with a massive homerun by Liam Wyatt to left field to bring us closer. Kris Hopkins, Daniel Goloff, Cedrik Belanger and Raffi Zapata all did solid work on the mound...and all are 'free' to pitch in Game 2, if necessary. Had we had a clutch hit or two earlier in the game, the result might have been different. Bottom line, this was not a true 9-2 loss. We went toe-to-toe with the defending National Champs for 5 innings...and all of our guys would love another shot at Windsor in this tournament. That could only happen in the Semis or that is the challenge ahead of us!

We have Team Ontario @ 1pm today. It will be incredibly hot...and let's hope our bats are 'hot' too! 
A BIG 'Thank You' to our many parents who have made the effort to come support our team -- it is much appreciated!

Bobby T.




The Teams Arrive



Greetings from Windsor! 


Even though we haven't played any games yet, it has been an eventful day-and-a-half for the NDG Big League Lynx, now 'Team Quebec'. After a long day traveling on Thursday (early AM flight to Toronto and then 4-hr bus ride to Windsor), the team spent Thursday evening and Friday getting familiar with our surroundings. Our accommodations are outstanding -- kudos to Steve & MC for discovering!  We are staying at the St. Claire College Residence Hotel. The boys have 2-bedroom, dorm-type apartments, with fridges and microwaves. We have access to kitchen facilities and a BBQ on the main floor. So we are well-covered in the Room & Board area!

On Friday we headed to Mic-Mac Park for the official team photo and to check out the field (called Bernie Soulliere Field). Everything is first class. The tournament organizing committee has been great, providing some meals and extra transportation (since we are staying at a different location). We had an early snack/dinner at our hotel, and then headed to catch the bus for our trip to Detroit to catch the Tigers vs Rangers game. Comerica Park is outstanding, and had lots of our boys lamenting..."Why can't Montreal have a ballpark like this?". That's much too long a story to cover here...!

So today is 'game day'. We play Windsor at 7pm, just after the opening ceremonies. It is very hot and humid here, so we will do our best to keep the boys hydrated, rested, and ready to go.

Almost time to PLAY BALL!

Bobby T.


Position Name Email
Head Coach Bobby Titleman
Asst Coach Steve Monk                       

Ray Callari

( Baseball Scout SF Giants)
Ass. Manager Mary-Catherine Carmel


Big League Provincial Champions - 2013



Photo Courtesy of Joel Silverstein

Back Row (left to right):

Head Coach - Bobby Titleman, Sam Fagen, Jake Titleman, Liam Wyatt, Rafael Zapata, Céderik Bélanger,

Samuel Brière, Alex Carmel, Jérémie Brière, Liam Griffin, Asst. Coach - Steve Monk

 Front Row (left to right):

Zane Monk, Daniel Goloff, Kris Hopkins, Quintin Foster, Eric Punski, Chris Antonakopoulos

CTV NEWS - NDG Lynx Still Going Strong

CBC NEWS - NDG Lynx Win Provincials

CBC RADIO - Lynx Off to the Nationals




July 6th - 7th



Windsor, ON, July 13-20, 2013

Place Team Record
1st Windsor 5 - 0
2nd Alberta 3 - 2
3rd British Columbia 3 - 2
4th Quebec 3 - 2
5th Ontario 1 - 4
6th Saskatchewan 0 - 5



Alberta - 32 runs allowed in 34 defensive innings:  0.941

Quebec - 39 runs allowed in 35 defensive innings:  1.114

British Columbia - 42 runs allowed in 33 defensive innings: 1.27

(Alberta 2nd Place)


Round-Robin Results

British Columbia 7, Quebec 6  -  B.C.  beat Quebec

(British Columbia 3rd Place, Quebec 4th Place)


Saturday July 20th

16H00 (EST)

B.C.  19


  Quebec  4

 [Box Score]





Quebec (3-2)  Wins Semi-Finals vs Windsor (5-0)

Off to the Finals

NDG Lynx pitcher Liam Wyatt & Kris Reddick-Hopkins shut down Windsor's powerful offense & the Lynx put five runs on the board against a pitching staff that has held opponents to only five runs in five round-robin games (ERA 1.40).


Semi-Final Games


Friday July 19th

16H00 (EST)

Saturday July 20th

10H00 (EST)

B.C.  3


 Alberta  0

 Windsor  3


   Quebec  5

 [Box Score]

 [Box Score]



Big League Round-Robin Games

Saturday July 13th

19H00 (EST)

Sunday July. 14th

13H00 (EST)

Quebec  2


 Windsor  9

 Ontario  10


 Quebec  11

 [Box Score]

 [Box Score]


Monday July 15th

13H00 (EST)

Tuesday July 16th

 13H00 (EST)

BC  7


 Quebec  6

Quebec  12


 Alberta  9

[Box Score]

[Box Score]


Wednesday July 17th

13H00 (EST)


SSask.   4


 Quebec  7


[Box Score]





Soulliere Field - Mic Mac Park, Windsor, ON

Home of the Big League LL National Tournament


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