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Congratulations Team Canada


Senior National Champions - 2012


Back Row (left to right):

Asst. Coach - Livin Vargas, Liam Griffin, Sam Fagen, Alex Carmel,

Head Coach - Bobby Titleman, Liam Wyatt, Jeremie Briere, Laurent Dupuis-Solliec,

 Rafael Zapata Jr., Asst. Coach - Steve Monk

 Front Row (left to right):

Zane Monk , Quintin Foster, Eric Punski, Jake Titleman, Alexis Vargas,

Chris Antonakopoulos, Trevor Lall



Photos Courtesy of MC




The Gazette - Lynx: Same Team Different Attitude

Leader Post (Front Page Photo) -  Regina, Sask.

Leader Post - Lynx Returning to World Series

The Gazette - NDG Lynx Headed to World Series



Courtesy of Eric Lall

250 World Series Photos

World Series & Nationals Photos

280 Canadian National Photos




All Updates Courtesy of Bobby T and MC

Bobby T his co-hort MC are back with their Blackberry's in hand to give us on-site updates from

the Senior Nationals in Regina, Saskatchewan

Thursday Aug.16th

Day 6 - Canada Just Misses Play-Off Spot. What A Ride...

A Team Canada win would of resulted in a 2nd place finish because of victories over US East and Central

Results - Game # 4

16H30 (EST)

U.S. East  3


Canada  2

 [Box Score]


Bangor Daily News: World Series Round-Robin Summary


Hi Guys,

I was hoping that this would NOT be the last game summary for Team Canada 2012...but unfortunately it is.

The lead-up and the game itself were a bit surreal. As you probably know by now, our game vs. US-East (Mass.) was played in a driving rainstorm. All 3 games were moved from Mansfield Stadium to the 'Field Turf' surface at U of Maine in Orono (about 20 mins away). While that field did absorb much of the rain, it was by no means 'proper conditions' to play an important baseball game. That being said, the weather conditions affected both teams equally, so we can't make any excuses.

Given the opportunity to make it to the 'final four' in the SLWS, Livin, Steve and I decided to make an 'executive decision':  To give the ball to Liam Wyatt and "let him go".  And "go" he did!  Liam proceeded to pitch 6 complete innings, giving up 3 runs (2 earned) with 6 strikeouts. Truthfully, the conditions were just brutal, especially for a pitcher trying to grip a 'wet sponge'!  But what a courageous performance from one of the flagship players in our program over the past 8-9 years. Liam gave our team an opportunity to win, and that's all you can ask for on a day like yesterday.

On the other side of the coin, can you imagine trying to hit a 78-80 mph fastball with rain pelting your face and dripping off your helmet?  Not fun...Our team prides itself on playing 'small ball' when needed, and yesterday's conditions made execution of that extremely difficult.

James Rankine (our esteemed Webmaster) sent our team a really nice post-game email, and I believe he said it best:

"I understand completely about the team being sad right after coming up on the short end of such a tight scoring game. But they need to know, that's what it's like at the highest levels of competition. One minor element usually separates the winning team from the losing team. Just one minor element."

And that's the beauty (and heartbreak) of Baseball!  We were 'this' close to making it to the final four of the Senior League World Series, and probably surprising a lot of people...

On a personal note, I'd like to express my thanks to many people. It has been a honour to coach with Livin, Steve and Rafael and to have Ray's invaluable 'oversight' of our program. While WE all handle the baseball side of things, everyone knows that this program really 'runs' through the efforts of MC Carmel--we can't thank you enough!

To our many sponsors (Russell Martin & MLBPA, Easton, Play It Again Sports-NDG & Liquid Nutrition), we greatly appreciate your financial support which allows us to focus on the GAME.

To all of the NDG Execs, volunteers, fellow coaches, and players, past and present:  We greatly appreciate your constant support throughout this 'ride'. We have tried to set a standard of excellence (on AND off the field) that future NDG'ers can aspire to...and hopefully exceed in the future!

And finally, a HUGE thank you to our families (parents, spouses, siblings, children) who 'put up' with a lot over a long season. None of this would be possible without your encouragement and commitment. 

Registration for "Big League" 2013 starts next week...LOL :) !!

Take care, Bobby T.


Wednesday Aug.15th

Day 5 - Canada Wins, Canada Wins!

Last LL  Seniors WS Win for Canada - Whalley, BC (2008) 

Results - Game # 3

10H00 (EST)

U.S. Central  3


Canada  4

 [Box Score]


Bangor Daily News - Canada Keeps Title Hopes Alive

Photos from Game 3 vs U.S. Central (Grand Rapids, MI)

Courtesy of MC





Wow!! What can I say?? 


Firstly, we (the coaches) are SO proud of this group of boys!  After our 0-2 start in the World Series, there may have been the perception out there that Canada is a 'doormat', and our opponents can just 'look past' us. But no longer!  Not only did we give Central (Michigan) a tough game, we pulled off the first World Series victory in the history of our program. So we first 'give' this 'W' to the boys on THIS team...but we also share it with everyone past and present connected to NDG Baseball. We are very appreciative of all the e-mails and texts that we've received, and we are thrilled to share today's win with all of you!  Keep 'em coming...

And now a few comments about today's game:  Firstly, what a gutsy and courageous performance by our starter, Chris Antonakopoulos. Chris had a sore arm BEFORE the game, but went out there and gave us 3 1/3 innings of great pitching. He had a great off-speed pitch working, and spotted his fastball whenever needed. Because of some shoddy defense in the 4th, Chris was denied the 'W' that he richly deserved.   Trevor Lall them came in to give us 1 2/3 of scoreless baseball and earns a well-deserved 'Win'.  We had discussed being able to get to our Closer (Liam Wyatt) with a lead late in the game...and that's exactly what the boys delivered!  The top of the 7th was a little nerve-wracking, but Liam induced a chopper to short with runners at the corners and 2 outs. Quintin made yet another Jose Reyes-type play to finish things off!  Trev gets the 'W' (shared with Chris!) and Liam gets the Save...and Team Canada gets a WIN!

At the plate, the coaches 'challenged' our top 4 hitters to step-up and contribute like we know they can. And contribute they did!!  Quintin, Eric, Liam and Alex combined to go 9-for-16 with 3 RBIs and 2 runs scored.  Laurent executed a perfect 'squeeze' bunt to drive in the other run. Bottom line, we had 11 hits in the game, after going 4-for-43 (yikes!) in the first 2 games.

Now we face the East team (Mass.) with a berth in the 'medal round' at stake. Not too many people here gave us a chance to win even 1 game, so maybe we can shock a few people around here tomorrow at 1pm!  As Liam Griffin has been known to say..."What the hell...we might as well just WIN this thing!". And we're gonna give it our best shot--stay tuned....

Bobby T.



Monday Aug.13th

Day 3 - Hello Latin America...Yikes

Results - Game # 2

20H00 (EST)

Latin America 10


Canada  0

 [Box Score]



In game two, the Senior Lynx met up with a pretty good ball club when they faced the contingent from Latin America, Juvenil de Guatemala L.L. (Guatemala City). According to head coach Bobby Titleman, it seems that at least four players of the Latin American team have already signed contracts with major league teams. Therefore, at games end, it came as no big surprise at their dominance over the NDG Lynx during the nights affair.

To recap game two highlights, three Latin American pitchers combined for a no-hitter, striking out nine while walking just three batters (E. Seijas 5 2/3 , C. Martinez 1/3, & R. Alvarado 1.0). For the Lynx, Alexis Vargas pitched two scoreless innings to start the game and Liam Wyatt came into the 7th inning to finish off the inning by striking out two of the three batters he faced. 

Next game Wednesday morning at 10H00 against  U.S. Central


Sunday Aug.12th

Day 2 - Team Canada Meets Host Team

Results - Game # 1

12H00 (EST)

Canada  1


Host  9

 [Box Score]

Recommended Article - Bangor Daily News - Team Canada Game 1 - Summary of Game #1 Action

Photos from Game 1 vs Hampden All-Stars, MA

Courtesy of MC



The Senior Lynx got off to a rocky start, probably due to first game World Series jitters. However their were some positive highlights. For instance, Chris  Antonakopoulos turned in two innings of no-hit ball while striking out three followed by Liam Griffin who pitched one shut-out inning.

Offensively, the Lynx scored a run in the seventh inning. It was started by Sam Fagen who advanced to first on a walk. Alexis Vargas then singled to move Sam to second. After the Hampden All-Stars got two Lynx batters out, Jake Titleman then came up with a clutch single to centre-field to produce the Lynx run.

Next game Monday night at 20H00 against  Latin America (Juvenil de Guatemala L.L., Guatemala City, Guatemala)


Saturday Aug.11th

First Day in Bangor, MA - Opening Ceremonies World Series

Photos from Opening Ceremonies

Courtesy of MC


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on our first evening at the Senior League World Series. We had a great buffet dinner and then headed to Mansfield Stadium via shuttle to check out the 'field of dreams'! After that we headed next door to the arena for the 'Team Canada' uniform pick-up. YES...the boys were like a 'kid in a candy store'!!

Most of the boys worked out at the Gold's Gym right next door and then went for a quick swim in the hotel.

FYI...I was asked to be on CJAD radio 800 at 9:00am on Saturday with Abe Hefter... just to talk about our team. Feel free to listen in!

For those parents joining us in Bangor, please drive safely!

Take care, Bobby T.




Wednesday Aug.8th

Championship Game Summary

NDG Lynx Coaches With Championship Trophy &

The Joe Shea Award for Sportsmanship


NDG Senior Lynx fans...

Two moms versus 900 screaming local folks


Coaches & Team Chefs:

Steve Monk, Robert Titleman, & Livin Vargas


Devoted Mom Fans:

MC & Lolita Harihar


(original one megabyte plus file size upon request:



Wednesday Aug.8th

Pre-Championship Game Update from MC

So we are 6-0. Unbelievably cool, but we need 7.

As I write this, we are 90 minutes from the start of the Championship game. The boys have just finished their habitual pre-game smoothie and are boarding the bus to the park. It’s been 6 straight, hard fought games of ball, but it all comes down to what happens in the next few hours.  Their arms are sore.  My stomach’s in knots.

Win or lose today, this has been a great week and one that each of these kids will hold on to for a long time. They came here with a goal and are clearly focussed on it , but the brotherhood of this group is a priority for them and it shows. The number of people who have commented on their relationship, behaviour, and composure (on and off the field) would make you very , very proud.

I really can't say enough about our coaches, Bobby Steve and Livin.  Even with the added level of stress that comes with these games, they let the boys contribute and shine in the ways that mean the most to each player.  I’m sure there is a better way to describe it, but hopefully you get what I mean.  They also happen to be machines in the kitchen.  We haven’t been to a restaurant once , but rather have chosen to buy out Costco on a few occasions and cook up uber healthy meals in the dorms. It’s been more work than anticipated, but WELL worth it!!

I have tried to take lots of photos and video clips and will assemble them in some way when we get home.

James, thank you so VERY much for posting the photos and updates that we send each day. It makes such a big difference to the families that cannot be here for the ride…and the boys love to see the fruits of their labour on the web and share it with friends.

We’ve been here 7 days now.  Aside from the smell of extremely ‘ripe’ clothing that some prefer NOT to wash for ‘good luck’ (honestly, it’s like living with farm animals), each of them are such incredibly cool kids.

Be proud, you’ll get them back soon.  Mary Catherine

RAF...we really, really miss you.



Tuesday Aug.7th

Lynx Win Semi-Final Game - Onto the Championship Final

Hi Guys,

On the heels of our great performance in game 5, we continued to play 'Lynx baseball' in our semi-final game vs Saskatchewan. We scored 11 runs on 9 hits, with 1 error in an 11-3 victory. The game was actually tied at 2-2 after the 2nd inning. But we exploded for 5 runs in the top of the 4th and 3 more in the top of the 5th to really put the game away. Key highlights include:

--Liam W. went 2-for-5 with 4 RBIs (including a massive shot to the wall in left-centre.

--Alex had a huge triple to right-centre to cash in 2 big runs.

--Alexis went 3-for-4 with 2 RBIs.

--Laurent was on base twice and scored a run.

--Jake had a triple to the wall in deep left-centre and scored 2 runs.

--And Zane had his 'customary' 2 walks and 2 runs scored.

--and of course our pitchers were amazing again. First Trevor Lall, then Alexis, and finally Eric Punski who threw 74 pitches to finish the game.

So this is the exact position that we wanted to be in:  Heading to the final game, with most of our pitchers 'free'. 

We had a late dinner/snack back at the 'condo' and the boys showered.

So it comes down to 1 game, winner take all. I can promise you that our boys will give it their best shot!

Wish us luck!  Bobby T.



Monday Aug.6th

Game 5 - NDG Lynx 5-0 (First Place) in Round-Robin

Hi Guys,

So this is definitely the easiest game summary to write!  We finally played a 'real' NDG Lynx type of game, as we executed well in all 4 'facets' of a baseball game:  Pitching, Defence, Hitting and Base-running.

The highlights are almost too numerous to mention...but I'll try anyway!:

--We had 4 guys with multi-hit games:  Quintin; Eric; Liam W and Jake. Q scored 3 runs, Eric had 4 RBIs, Liam had 3 RBIs and Jake scored a pair.

--Alex knocked in a pair of runs early in the game, and continued to put on a 'clinic' on how to block balls behind the plate!

--Alexis had 1 hit and 1 RBI from the DH spot, as we continued to rest his arm in preparation for a more important potential game (now confirmed).

--Sam chipped in with an RBI and caught the last few innings.

--Rafi continued to play solid centre field, and contributed 1 hit and 1 run scored.

--Laurent had a great sac bunt earlier in the game.

--This is a typical Zane Monk batting line this tournament: 1 hit, 2 walks and 3 runs scored. Zane has a 0.765 'on-base percentage' (OBP). That means that approx. 7.6 out of every 10 at-bats, Zane finds a way to get ON--that is insanely good!

Liam G. Has been a great 'super-sub' and has been an amazing influence in the dugout and off the field.

And our pitchers:  What an incredible job you guys have done all tournament. Today, we used Chris, Jeremie, Trevor (no kidding!) and Laurent. The pitching line was 7 innings pitched, 6 hits, 1 run, 3 walks and 6 strikeouts. There are a lot of MLB pitchers that would take that line!!

We are now set-up for our semi-final game vs the Host (Regina) at 7pm our time and 9pm Montreal time. We are exactly where we hoped to be, and the ball is now in  our court.

We had wings, nachos, salad, veggies and tons of fruit for lunch (around 4:30pm). We ordered in lasagne and pizza for our dinner at 9pm. And finally, we had our nightly team meeting at 10:30 where we surprised them with choco-banana milkshakes (they deserved it today!).

Our 5-0 round robin record now goes out the window, as we all 'reset' for a 2-game, winner take-all mini-tournament. After today, we believe that the boys are ready to go.

Our players were so thrilled to see (cuz they followed online!) that our Major and Junior teams recorded wins it was an NDG 'hat-trick!!

Here's hoping we ALL continue to do well. For the Seniors, we know what we have to do...

Wish us luck, Bobby T. 


(original one megabyte plus file size upon request:


Sunday Aug.5th

Game 4 - Lynx Lock Play-Off Spot After BC Game


(original one megabyte plus file size upon request:

Hi Guys,

So the 'theme' of this Nationals tournament is becoming apparent:  "Nothing Comes Easy". Notwithstanding that BC was probably 'saving' their better pitchers for their expected semi-final game, we helped make the game a lot closer than it should have been.

Our pitching has continued to be our 'rock' throughout the whole tourney. Jeremie, Trevor, Eric, and Liam combined to give up 3 earned runs, with 7 strikeouts, only 1 walk, and excellent ball/strike ratios across the board. Usually a key part of our game, our defence was not as sharp today (did we ever make 3 infield errors in the same inning??). But our bats are showing signs of really coming alive at the right time. Here are a couple of game highlights:

--We jumped out to an early 3-0 in the first on back-to-back triples from Eric & Liam W. Both balls were hammered to the wall.

--After BC tied the game at 3 in the 3rd (see: 3 infield errors with 2 outs!), we immediately answered back with 3 in the bottom half. Key hits that inning by Raf and Alex 'set the table' for the biggest hit of the inning:  Liam Griffin came off the bench to pinch hit and stroked a 2-out, 2-strike RBI single to right field. That was huge, a 'clutch' hit when we really needed a bounce-back inning.

--We added 1 more in the 4th on Eric's leadoff double, Rafi's sac fly, and Alexis RBI groundout. We really needed that 'insurance' run!

--In the top half of the 7th, we needed Sam Fagen to come into LF as an 'emergency' defensive replacement. As always in baseball, Sam quickly had a line-shot hit his way...which he had in his 'back pocket'!  Sam has been incredible working with all of our pitchers...almost like an extra pitching coach to Livin, Steve and I.

Post-game dinner (late!) was 'leftovers':  Margarita Pizza, Chicken Quesadillas, Caeser Salad, Veggies & Dips, and Fresh fruit.

That's it for now. We will probably have a 'chess match' game vs. Ontario today @ 1pm (3pm your time), with both teams trying to finish first in the Round Robin...but with both teams trying to properly 'position' their pitching for the playoff round. Should be another fun one...


Saturday Aug.4th

Game 3 - Lynx Now 3-0 After 5-2 Win vs Saskatchewan


Hi Guys,

It is now confirmed:  The 2012 version of the Senior Lynx are the "Cardiac Kids Part II" (after the 2011 Sr. Lynx)! They are obviously determined to make things as 'interesting' as possible...especially for their coaches, whose hairlines are receding by the day!

I could probably just cut & paste yesterday's update to summarize today's game:  The key to today's victory was outstanding pitching across the board. Rookie pitcher Chris Antonakopoulos gave our team a really 'gutsy' performance, going 3 2/3 innings with a very 'efficient' 44 pitches. We then handed the ball to the strike-throwing machine, Trevor Lall!!  Trev went 2 1/3 and had 27 pitches (22 of which were strikes!). And finally, Jeremie Briere finished up the 7th, recording 1 more strikeout.

At the plate, our boys are showing signs of getting where we need to be. Quintin had a double and a 'laser-beam' triple over the CF's head that probably travelled 375 feet!  Zane Monk had another BB and hit, Eric had a key hit, and Alexis had a great day at the plate as the DH.

We 'ran' into a few outs on the base-paths, which potentially cost us a few runs...but that is partly  "ON" the coaches, NOT the boys.

We decided to reward the boys will a healthy and delicious (so they say!) home-cooked meal. We had maple-glazed salmon, teriyaki chicken, wild rice, Asian noodle salad, and dumplings. We had a great time and it doubles as a really nice 'team-bonding' session. At 10:30, we did our nightly team meeting and dessert (apple pie a la mode). Just in case you were wondering, Costco is a GREAT store to feed 14 teenagers!

We're back at it tomorrow night at 7pm vs. BC (9pm Mtl time), as we attempt to go 4-0 in the round robin. Wish us luck!!

Later, Bobby T.


(original one megabyte plus file size upon request:





Friday Aug.3rd

Game 2 - Lynx Win 2-1 vs Prairies


(original one megabyte plus file size upon request:


Hi Guys,

Yes...this is going to sound like a 'broken record', but outstanding pitching and great defence were the keys to today's hard-fought, 2-1 victory over the Prairies (Lethbridge AB). All of our pitchers did a great job:  Eric with the 'start' (and the Win), Alexis and Trevor with 'holds', and then a spectacular 'save' converted by Jeremie.  Jeremie pitched 1 2/3 innings and had 4 strikeouts, using only 21 pitches (15 of which were strikes!). Some 'rookie' performance, huh?  He had a huge smile on his face when he closed out the game.


A couple of game highlights included:

--We 'manufactured' our first run with Laurent's oppo single, Jake's sac bunt, and Zane putting the ball in play to help score the first run.

--Zane was the catalyst again in the 4th, getting on with a single. A short time later, Eric cashed him in with sharp single, which eventually became the game-winning RBI. .

--Liam Wyatt made a few outstanding defensive plays at 3b, especially on a late-inning bunt attempt.

--Quintin had 2 hits in the leadoff spot, which is why he is paid the big $$$!

--Laurent started to hit like he did last year in Rouyn Noranda!

Some of our bigger guys haven't really hit like we know they can. But they've all contributed in other ways. In baseball, they say that 'hitting is contagious'...and we are waiting for that 'virus' to spread!!

I just checked the boxscores and we left 13 men on in game 1 and 10 men on in game 2. If some of our big bats get going, our offense will really kick into high gear.

Because of yesterday's rain-outs, our game on Saturday is now moved to 1pm local time (3pm in Mtl), vs the Host team. Should be another good one...

We brought burgers, fries, rings into the apts from "Burger Baron", Regina's burger hotspot. Boys are now chilling watching some Olympic highlights.

Thanks for following our progress. A big thank you to MC for her pre-game fruit smoothies which seem to bring us good luck every year!

A demain, Bobby T.


Thursday Aug.2nd

Game 1 - Lynx Pull-Off 7-6 Win in the 7th Inning


(original one megabyte plus file size upon request:

Hi Everyone,

So my first comment about Game 1 is that the outcome was never in doubt...NOT!!  After getting out to an early 4-0 lead, the very scrappy Maritimes team (Sydney Mines) fought back a few times to tie the game at 4-4 and later on at 6-6. Just like last year's National tournament, we've obviously decided to make things as 'difficult' as possible for ourselves! 

But the game did give us an opportunity to show off one of the strengths of our team:  Our depth on the mound. Today, we used Jeremie (first Nationals start for the rookie!), Alexis, Trevor, Chris and finished with Liam W. We kept everybody under 30 pitches, so ALL of them are eligible to pitch tomorrow, if necessary. An 'unsung hero' today was Sam Fagen, who did great work getting each successive pitcher ready in the 'pen. Liam Wyatt got the win, as well as the 'walk-off' RBI in the bottom of the 7th to make it 7-6. Zane had a key base-on-balls in the 7th, and was the catalyst for the whole inning. Good teams figure out a way to win 'ugly' sometimes, and we did that today!

The apartments at the U of Regina are great. We have full kitchens and are having a home-cooked meal tonight. On the menu is Spaghetti a la sauce "MC", garlic bread, Caesar salad, and fruit and ice cream for dessert.

Starting Pitcher Jeremie Briere after

warn-up with catcher Alex Carmel

The Opening Ceremonies were just rained out, so we are heading to our apartments right now. Please note that there is a 2-hr time difference between Regina and Montreal (ie: Not 1-hr as expected). This is because Saskatchewan does NOT use 'daylight savings time'.  Keep this in mind when looking at our game times. 

The boys are watching the Junior Lynx results closely...and we will follow the Majors as well. We hope they both do well and represent NDG Baseball with pride and determination.

It was great to see Eric and Lolita (Trevor's parents) show up in the middle of our game today...

That's it for now--we might be rained out tomorrow, so keep checking the NDG website.

Regards from Regina, Bobby T.


Position Name Email
Head Coach Bobby Titleman
Asst. Coach Livin Vargas
Asst. Coach Rafael Zapata Sr.
Asst Coach Steve Monk                       

Ray Callari

( Baseball Scout SF Giants)
Ass. Manager Mary-Catherine Carmel


New York Yankees starting catcher Russell Martin makes a donation to the Senior Lynx Team

Cheque for the Senior Lynx team being received by Head Coach Bobby Titleman from Russell Martin's father Russell Martin Sr.




Senior Lynx Head coach Bobby Titleman's Post

World Series Interviews

Randy Tieman - TSN 990


Douglas Gelevan - CBC Radio

Click Link Below to Read Article and Hear Interview

NDG Lynx Represent Canada At Baseball World Series

Photos of Interview

Photos (left to right) - Courtesy of Eric Lall

Douglas Gelevan Interviews:

Head Coach Bobby Titleman, Alex Carmel, & Liam Wyatt



Bangor, Maine, August 12 - 18, 2012


Place Team Record
1st Latin America 4 - 0
2nd U.S. Central 2 - 2
3rd U.S. East 2 - 2
4th Host (Bangor, MA) 1 - 3
5th Canada 1 - 3

Top two teams move onto semi-final games

U.S. Central finishes in 2nd place

U.S. Central (Michigan) beat U.S. East (Maine) in round robin (7-6)

Pool A

Senior Round-Robin Games

Sunday Aug. 12th

12H00 (EST)

Monday Aug. 13th

20H00 (EST)

Canada  1


 Host  9

 L.A.  10


 Canada  0

 [Box Score]

  [Box Score]


Wednesday Aug. 15th

10H00 (EST)

Thursday Aug. 16th

 13H00 (EST)

Central  3


 Canada  4

Canada  2


 East  3

[Box Score]

[Box Score]





Senior National Champions - 2012


Back Row (left to right):

Head Coach - Bobby Titleman, Asst. Coach - Livin Vargas, 

Laurent Dupuis-Solliec, Rafael Zapata Jr., Jeremie Briere, Liam Griffin,

Liam Wyatt, Sam Fagen, Asst. Coach - Steve Monk

 Front Row (left to right):

Alexis Vargas, Chris Antonakopoulos, Trevor Lall, Eric Punski, Quintin Foster,

Alex Carmel, Jake Titleman, Zane Monk



Regina, SK, August 2 - 8, 2012

Place Team Record
1st Quebec 5 - 0
2nd Ontario 3 - 2
3rd Prairies 2 - 3
4th Saskatchewan 2 - 3
5th British Columbia 2 - 3
6th Atlantic 1 - 4

BC  finishes in 5th place

 BC lost to both the Prairies (3-2) and Sask. (11-7)

Prairies finish in 3rd place

Prairies beat Sask. in round robin (7-6)



Senior Play-Off Games

Wednesday Aug. 8th

Championship Game

15H00 (EST)

Quebec  10


 Prairies  1

[Box Score]


Tuesday Aug. 7th

Semi-Final Game (2  vs  3)

18H00 (EST)

Semi-Final Game (1  vs  4)

21H00 (EST)

Ontario  3


 Prairies  8

 Quebec  11


 Sask  3

 [Box Score]

 [Box Score]


Senior Round-Robin Games

Thursday Aug. 2nd

12H00 (EST)

Friday Aug. 3rd

18H00 (EST)

Quebec  7


 Altantic  6

 Prairies  1


 Quebec  2

 [Box Score]

 [Box Score]


Saturday Aug. 4th

15H00 (EST)

Sunday Aug. 5th

 21H00 (EST)

Sask  2


 Quebec  5

Quebec  7


 BC  5

[Box Score]

[Box Score]


Monday Aug. 6th

15H00 (EST)


Quebec  13


 Ontario  1


[Box Score]





Optimist Park, Saskatchewan, Regina

Home of the Senior LL National Tournament



Senior Provincial Champions - 2012


Back Row (left to right):

Asst. Coach - Rafael Zapata Sr., Head Coach - Bobby Titleman, Asst. Coach - Steve Monk,

Laurent Dupuis-Solliec, Eric Punski, Rafael Zapata Jr., Alex Carmel, Liam Griffin,

Jeremie Briere, Trevor Lall, Quintin Foster, Manager - Ray Callari, Chris Antonakopoulos,

Asst. Coach - Livin Vargas

 Front Row (left to right):

Liam Wyatt, Jake Titleman, Zane Monk, Alexis Vargas

Missing from Photo because of illness: Sam Fagen



July 20th - 24th


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