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Major Provincial Champions - 2012

Head Coach: Efrain Romero

Email:   Cell: 438-829-0441


Back Row (left to right):

Asst. Coach - Sam Antel, Efrain Romero Jr., Francisco Hernandez-Perez,

Michael Cerulli, Head Coach Efrain Romero, Josh Clark, Ryan Antel,

Ryan Arndtsen, Asst. Coach - Dave Clark

 Front Row (left to right):

Jayden Patterson, Joshua Rosenfeld, Benjamin Bierd, Joseph Raftus,

Justin Wyatt, Vincent Rizzolo




All Updates Courtesy of Dan Rosenfeld


Quebec  5     Host   2

[Box Score]

Quebec Finish in 5th Place


Wednesday Aug. 8th

Day # 7  (Game 5)  It Was Not Meant to Be - But A Great Experience

Still reeling a bit from the previous day's heartbreaking loss, the team was determined to come out fighting, play hard, win our final round-robin game and hope and pray that the tie-breaker rules would be in our favour.

Despite playing a solid game and winning 4-3 (shortened to 4 innings due to lightning and then rain at the top of the 5th, the baseball gods were not on our side.  We finished in a 3-way tie with Atlantic and Prairies at 2-3, but since both of those teams had beaten us during the round-robin, they
finished ahead of us and we wound up in 5th place and out of the semi-finals.  Tough way to end the tournament, but a great experience was had by all nonetheless.

A day off on Thursday has us going to the West Edmonton Mall for the water park followed by the tournament banquet during the evening.  We play our final game on Friday, the #5 vs. #6 consolation

We will play hard and try to end on a win to even our record at 3-3 and come home with our heads high and proud of all we have accomplished this year.

This will be the final update.  It has been a pleasure reporting to all of our devoted fans.  Respectfully signing off, Daniel Rosenfeld.

P.S.  Great effort by the Juniors.  You guys should be proud of what you have accomplished.  And lastly, congratulations to the Seniors.  Good luck in Bangor.  We are all rooting for you.




Tuesday Aug. 7th

Day # 6  (Game 4)  The Emotional Rollercoaster Continues

Fresh off a dramatic come from behind late inning victory the previous day, the team knew it now controlled its own destiny and was ready to play ball. And they showed it.  Scoreless through 3 innings backed by brilliant pitching from Joshua Clark, we finally broke through in the top of the 4th with 4 runs, the big hits coming from Justin Wyatt and Michael Cerulli.  A couple of errors and an unearned run to cut the lead to 4-1 could not even faze us and we responded with a 2-run home run by the birthday boy, Ryan Antel. 

We took our 6-1 lead into the bottom of the 6th and final inning and then the wheels came off.  Pitching and defence, our strength all year long, could not hold the lead and we gave up 5 and had to play extra innings yet again.  The birthday boy answered back with his second home run of the game, giving us a slim 1 run lead going to the bottom of the 7th, but alas, the baseball gods were not on our side and we gave up 2 to lose a heartbreaker, 8 to 7. 

We do not control our destiny any longer and we now need to win and get plenty of help to advance to the semi finals. On a bright note, we came back to the hotel to celebrate Ryan Antel's birthday with a nice cake, which took the sting out of that tough loss. 

Honourable mentions go to Ryan Antel with his 3 for 4 performance (including 2 home runs), who is now leading the tournament in hitting as well as to Josh Clark with his 3 innings of no-hit ball (including 6 strikeouts), who is now leading the tournament in strikeouts thrown.



Monday Aug. 6th

Day # 5  (Game 3)  The Sweet Taste of Victory

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!  And what a game it was. 

You cannot get more drama than what we saw today.  The game started off well for us and we had our first lead of the tournament, albeit a mere 1-0 lead.  Errors which have plagued us thus far in the tournament once again came back to haunt us and we gave
up 3 unearned runs to go down 3-1. 

We got 1 back and were down 3-2 heading into the bottom of the 6th and final inning.  After 2 outs, we were down to our last strike but we got a single from Joseph Raftus to keep the game going on.  Once again, down to our last strike and we got the most clutch hit imaginable, a triple from Justin Wyatt to bring Joseph Raftus home, tie the game, and send it into extra innings.

We needed 2 innings more, but we pulled it off in the bottom of the 8th with a one-out double from Michael Cerulli that was by followed by a single by Joshua Rosenfeld to advance the runner to third. A a walk to Joseph Raftus to load the bases and then, with Justin Wyatt at the plate, a wild pitch/steal of home by Michael Cerulli to end the game.  The crowd went wild (well, at least the NDG crowd did) and everyone was talking about the best game of the tournament thus far.  Looking forward to our next 2 games as we now control our own destiny and can finish as high as 2nd place.

We got back to the hotel all hot and sweaty and what better way to cool off than to go to a pool.  We found a great community pool and had a blast with the whole team (minus 2 who had family commitments with relatives in). 

Back to the hotel and off went the kids who were being billeted.  We'll see you guys in the morning.

Sunday Aug. 5th

Day # 4  (Game 2)  Bats Go Silent

Primed and ready to go after the tough loss the previous day (Game 1). We got up and had breakfast and decided to get out of the hotel and take a drive around the city to get the kids minds off baseball for a bit.  All seemed fine and when we got to the field, we had a good pre-game workout/practice. Unfortunately, it did not carry over to the game.  We gave up 3 runs in the first against a very tough BC squad, the best team we have seen thus far this year.  We kept them off the scoreboard for several innings, but we just could not get the bats going at all and eventually the roof caved in in the 5th and final inning and we wound up losing 12-0. 

With a full compliment of pitchers available for game #3, we know we will come up with a big effort against Ontario and come away with our first win.  We are confident that we can still win 2 out of our last 3 games to wind up in 4th and advance to the semi-finals.


Saturday Aug. 4th

Day # 3 Let the Games Begin

Opening ceremonies were called for 10 AM.  Just to be part of that was an experience in itself. Hopefully one the boys will cherish for their whole life. 

Our first game was only at 3 PM, so some of the boys hung out at the park while a few headed out for some lunch.  But at 1 PM, we hit the practice field and did some heavy hitting.  Onto the main field for 2 PM for some throwing followed by some infield, and we were ready to go.

Unfortunately, the results were not so good.  Our usually dominant pitching only gave up 3 hits for the entire game, but the 4 walks and ghastly 6 errors (not to mention about 3-4 other mental errors) led to our downfall and we ended up on the wrong side of a 6-1 loss in a game that was very winnable.  Back to the drawing board and hopefully we'll come up strong for our next effort against the strong BC squad.


Friday Aug. 3rd

Getting Warmed Up

We awoke leisurely and had a great hot buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant.  I see now why some of these boys are so big as they have HUGE appetites.  Some went up 4 times.  I can't even eat that much myself.   :-)

Practice time was scheduled for 11 AM.  Finally, a chance to get onto that beautiful field.  Practice was short (an hour and fifteen minutes), but very intense.  After practice, we had a couple of hours of idle time.  Back to the park for the skills competition at 4:30 PM.  Our team competed very well.  Smooth fielding and slick running were our best attributes.  Then came the rehearsal for the opening ceremonies followed by a great BBQ dinner for everyone - players, coaches, parents, siblings.

Our boys were making friends very quickly with the other teams, which was no nice to see. They may be rivals on the field, but off the field, they are just a bunch of friendly kids and they showed it.  Back to the hotel for a relaxing evening.  A players lounge was set up where the kids could hang out and watch TV or play video games.  Early curfew was set for 10 PM.  Off to bed, anxiously awaiting the next day to start playing some baseball.


Thursday Aug. 2nd

The Majors Arrive in Edmonton

Waking up at 5 AM never felt so good.  6:15 AM meeting at the airport. After some hugs, kisses, tears and goodbyes, we were off on our 8:15 AM flight.  Four-and-a-half hours later, we touched down safely in Edmonton.  We were greeted and accommodated to our hotel where we were fed lunch and had our pictures taken.  We received our rooms and we then split up, letting the kids get settled in and having some free time to unwind. 

John Fry Park - Diamond for the Canadian Little League Championships

Too much down time and the kids were so anxious to play ball that we had to take them to the field to see where they would be playing, and what a sight it was. Beautiful ball park with many fields, the one being set up for the tournament being one of the nicest ones.  The kids were in awe and could not wait to start playing. 


Back to the hotel where we orderd in pizza. We had to explain to the kids that nobody outside of Quebec knows what "all dressed" is.  We wanted to practice after we ate, but we were all tired from a very long day and the decision to forego the practice was made much easier when it started to rain.  Coaches went for a small info session (and had a couple of drinks) at 9 PM.  We called it an early night and the kids all went to bed easily and happily.



Position Name Email
Head Coach Efrain Romero
Asst. Coach David Clark
Asst. Coach Samuel Antel
Manager Dan Rosenfeld


NDG Major Lynx 2012 Provincial Champions



Edmonton, Alberta, August 4 - 11, 2012

Place Team Record
1st British Columbia 5 - 0
2nd Ontario 3 - 2
3rd Prairies 2 - 3
4th Atlantic 2 - 3
5th Quebec 2 - 3
6th Host 1 - 4

Quebec  finishes in 5th place

 Quebec lost to both the Prairies (6-1) and Atlantic (8-7)

Prairies finish in 3rd place

Prairies beat Atlantic in round robin (6-5)

NDG Major Lynx Round-Robin Games

Saturday Aug. 4th

17H00 (EST)

Sunday Aug. 5th

17H00 (EST)

Quebec  1


 Prairies  6

 BC  12


 Quebec  0

 [Box Score]

 [Box Score]


Monday Aug. 6th

14H00 (EST)

Tuesday Aug. 7th

 14H00 (EST)

Ontario  3


  Quebec  4

Quebec  7<


 Atlantic  8

[Box Score]

[Box Score]


Wednesday Aug. 8th

20H00 (EST)


Quebec  4


 Host  3


[Box Score]




Major Lynx Coach


Efrain Romero

Signed by the Toronto Blue Jays Efrain played Professional Baseball in the Dominican Summer League & in the Venezuela Winter League



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