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Junior Provincial Champions - 2012

Back Row (left to right):

Head Coach - Steve Glazer, Asst. Coach - Eric Rayment, Samuel Briere,

Jason Tilley-Kennedy, Sam Carmel, Isaac Deveaux, Tylor Lemaire, Asst. Coach - Adam Kinnear

 Front Row (left to right):

Michael Beruela, Ethan Kinner, Jace Lis D'Alessandro, Jordan Glazer, Isaac Harris,

William Goodman



All Updates Courtesy of Steve Glazer

NDG Junior Lynx Awarded With

The Joe Shea Award for Sportsmanship

Congratulations to the Team and Coaching Staff


Thursday August 9th

Lethbridge Day 10 - Team Experiences a First...

Another great day for the Juniors as the heat continued as we awoke to a well wanted and deserved brunch at IHOP (Oh Yeah...Gitty Up - webmaster comment). The kids, many who were experiencing IHOP for the first time had a lot of fun and we enjoyed combing the 2 meals into one.

After that we headed towards Spitz Stadium to watch the Championship game between Calgary and Ontario. Prior to the game I was informed that we had won the prestigious Joe Shea award for sportsmanship. This really made me kvell....I am  really proud of that achievement and although another 1 or 2 wins would have drastically changed things - I am proud of the way we have conducted ourselves - on and off the field.

Our food intake continued with a hearty last supper at Boston Pizza during which we celebrated our 2 birthday boys in Tylor Lemaire and Sam Carmel as they each stood on chairs as the restaurant and staff belted out a Lethbridge version of happy birthday.

We then went to our fourth Lethbridge Bulls game...ironically - the Bulls haven't lost in the 4 games we attended. The kids are having an experience of a lifetime, have interacted with other kids from coast to coast, and have made life long memories.

I miss home, my wife and kids but there is a real big part of me that doesn't want this Lynx season to be done....we will think, plan, re-tool and continue our plan and continue on our success.  It hurts to think that I won't have the likes of Jason Kennedy, Isaac Harris, Sam Carmel, William Goodman  and Captain Quebec Sam Briere in next years arsenal but I am appreciative for your contribution to getting the 3 Junior wins and the Joe Shea award.

Thanks-Go Lynx



Wednesday August 8th

NDG Lynx Win Consolation Game

Quebec  10  Atlantic  8

5th Place Finish

Lethbridge Day...921

Not a typo...I feel like we have been away for 3 years. A hot hot day...as we tried to keep whatever sanity is left after another scorching hot  Alberta day. We played our consolation game and pulled one out with a masterful pitching performance by the one and only Isaac Harris.

We then went to the depth in our bullpen with Savage Sam Carmel giving two innings, then the closing was shared with Isaac Deveaux and Jace Lis D'Alessandro.

We got our plaques and our affidavit back and we look forward to representing as spectators as the team we beat 8-7 (Thunder Bay) is in the finals tomorrow for the championship game at 3pm.

We followed our Seniors and Majors with pride and heartbreak. The boys are having a great time and the head coach actually enjoyed not having a blackberry for 4 hrs (Eric...can u believe it?) Since my battery died. I think I am like my battery.....dead and in need of a recharge.

The bats came alive today and as this marathon is coming to an end---i thank all the support from back home.

A big shout out to Danny D'alessandro for being my gym partner and good ear who was lucky enough to get back to central air and tv...and especially to our Special Projects Coordinator who bent herself into a pretzel so many times for the juniors...really helped out cooking, cleaning up, and coordinating all the MANY special projects we have on this 3 wins at the nationals junior squad. We appreciate all the help Ro and will miss u as our River Runs Through the Sheneakwa gatorade run ss with or without Mike continues.

Be home soon.....



Tuesday August 7th

Game # 6 (Day 7)

We Did Our Best - Our Boys Should be Proud

Consolation Game Tomorrow 6pm (EST)

We battled and battled but in the end we didn't have the bats going tonight and our tournament. The boys tried their best but one hit will only take you so far...we ended the round robin component with a respectable 2-4 record and our last game was serious and strong. We represented very well and tried our best but in the end it wasn't enough.


The boys did what they could and did both myself, Coach Eric, Adam, and Darrin proud. We did our best and had solid pitching performances from Jordan Glazer and Sam Briere! We faltered. We have been representing well and will continue to do so in the consolation round vs Atlantic tomorrow at 4pm. We started our day with a well deserved movie in air conditioning and were well fed and taken care of by the good folk at Lethbridge.


This has been a great experience and we look forward to the consolation game tomorrow. We thank all our supporters and fans at home and abroad and a big shout out goes to Rona and Rose for whipping up a quick dinner after the game and we await taking the field tomorrow .


Go Lynx Go


Monday August 6th

Game # 5 (Day 6)

The Key to Winning - A Good Nights Sleep, Pizza, & Spaghetti Dinner

Wow wow wow...


What can I say...my oh my what a wonderful day. It started off with a good sleep in and we started by having a tournament supplied pizza lunch in 35 degree plus heat. We hit the ball park around 1:30pm. We won our second game and most of all made the manager a very proud owner of a two game win streak... An amazing pitching performance by Jason Kennedy and the Rolaids relief man award definitely goes to Tylor Lemaire for the near cardiac arrests of many. Great job.


The bats stayed quite alive and the boys did us very proud as we improved to 2-0 with Papa Paul Carmel in attendance. Forget Joe Dimaggion...where have you gone Paul Carmel for our first 3 games...


Thanks so much for a really exciting day. We are still alive going into the last day of round-robin action. I, personally, am so proud to be here, to have gained much deserved respect from quality teams from throughout the country. All the hard work has started to bear fruit. We are anxiously and proudly following the results from the majors and seniors and are thrilled to be part of sweeping the games today. We were then helped to a five star quality spaghetti dinner care of the parents namely Rona Lis, Paul Carmel, Rose Beruela and Danny D'Alessandro who did the home-cooking.


We anxiously await our final round robin trying to sneak into the playoffs. Thanks Junior Lynx - you have made me, Eric, Adam and Darrin very proud and have given us a memory we will never forget.



Sunday August 5th

Day Off - Day 5

A Great Day Off and the Price is Right

Heah Everyone,


Our day off started with very hot temperatures and the boys sleeping in till almost noon. A well deserved rest merited a trip to Park Place air conditioned mall and a hearty but healthy food court lunch. Then we hit the range...the driving range for some practice for the post MLB career in golf and mini putt.


After that extravaganza we hit the outdoor pool while some of gang had some extra R and R and some opted to take in the BC vs. Calgary game at Spitz stadium. The day off's activities culminated with the banquet which showed Quebec's true colors as we took home 4 rounds out of 11 of the Price Is Right game at the banquet. A good and very hot day that should guarantee a good nights sleep. We had to say good bye to Coach Eric unfortunately today and two important moms had to return back to reality.


Go Lynx Go


Saturday August 4th

Game Day # 4

You Won't Believe What Happened....

Hello Everyone,


Well finally after waiting and waiting and waiting in exhausting desperation .....we finally got what we all so desperately needed....a car! Oh yes Paul Carmel has finally arrived and he has with him a vehicle. In all seriousness now-after the Manager's previous 9 attempts bore no fruit, the 10th game  at Nationals proved to be a charm and the boys hit well and scratched out 15 hits and 10 runs. An incredible pitching performance of 95 pitches by Michael Beruela who went 6 and 2 thirds!!


Very happy with the win today and now that we are 1-0 with Papa Paul...we look for the hitting parade to continue after our much deserved day off tomorrow. By-the-way we headed back to another Lethbridge Bulls playoff game after last nights Bulls win  caused our game to be pushed back from a noon start to 8:30am today.


We are 1-3 and definitely will not lose tomorrow. We are really sad to see Coach Eric depart back to where he really needs to be but we'll try and make sure that our wins do not stop at 1 in his honour. Another by-the-way - A Classic....William Goodman singing the 7th inning stretch Take Me Out to the Ball Game at last night's Bulls game in front of hundreds of cheering fans. 


We are closely following both younger and older Lynx teams and are doing organization proud. Another big shout out to the moms on the trip helping out with organizing, cleaning and especially laundry. Eric, Buddy, I am really proud to have climbed this mountain with you. Sorry, regards and Thanks.


We'll miss you


Friday August 3rd

Game Day # 3

Good Defence and Solid Pitching But NDG Comes Up a Little Short

Hello Everyone,


Under cloudy, rainy and wet skies, we awoke ready for our day in Nationals. With the head coach working out in the Lethbridge College gym, the boys were hospitably fed a hearty pre-game breakfast after our first day with some well deserved sleep and rest before our 2:30pm game.


We warmed up well and finally took the field at approx 3:00 pm for first pitch. The boys played well defensively and pitched well enough to win. Some gems included a Jordan Glazer to Sam Carmel put out at home and great plays in the field by Jace D'alessandro, Ethan Kinnear, and William Goodman and especially a solid pitching outing by Isaac Deveaux.


Unfortunately, our bats got left at Lethbridge College and we only mustered two hits and one run against a very strong and large lefty from Sydney Mines, NS. The game was well played by both sides and we ended up on the short end of a 4-1 result.


After the game, the dejected boys had some uplifting laughs care of the Meet and Greet BBQ and then we all attended the Lethbridge Bulls semi-pro game at Spitz Stadium (although our boys were asked  not to spit sunflower seed shells  at the game) via some transportation negotiations made with the Ontario team. All the boys are looking forward to another chance at win #1 tomorrow. We are and will continue to hold our heads up high and we'll be in touch tomorrow.


Thursday August 2nd

Game Day # 2

 We've Got a Great Team Out Here...No Bull

Hi Everyone,


We welcomed Coach Eric this morning, with Starbucks in hand....only one hand and one cup but we love him anyways and are grateful for the effort he made to be here with us when possible...

Well we played a very well disciplined and pitcher full Walley, BC team early this morning and despite great defensive plays made in the scoreless first inning, we gave up 6 runs in the 2nd and trailed 6-0 after 2.

Our relief pitching did its job, holding the BC contingent to an additional 5 runs. We doubled our offensive output with 2 hits. The boys had a hearty lunch at beautiful Spitz Stadium and we headed back to the compound to arrange a few things, rest a little and then Coach Eric and Coach Adam held a solid 2 hour BP.  The day was ok with overcast skies but a lot cooler....there's nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass in the morning (not quite Apocalypse Now but I digress) and the clouds held and we were  off to celebrate Tylor Lemaire's 14th birthday by watching a Lethbridge Bulls Semi-pro game at Spitz stadium until the clouds

held no more and we were forced indoors to some movie action and mall stuff. The rain has stopped and all the boys are in their pods sleeping in hopefully anxiously awaiting our next opponent - the Atlantic contingent at 2:30pm (4:30 EST).

A big shout out to the Junior Lynx Moms - Rona Lis, Alyssa Glazer, Melaine Selby and Rose Beruela for being here and doing the $6000 Costco run and the cupcakes and flag waving support and just being here helps - especially the Head Coach's wife. Thanks


Wedneday August 1st

Game Day # 1

Pancakes, Pizza, & Peanuts....OK Maybe Not Peanuts

Spitz Stadium (formerly Henderson Stadium) - Home of the Lethbridge Bulls


The day started with a pancake breakfast at the beautiful Spitz Stadium. We ate a hearty but healthy baseball breakfast. We then had a great practice of batting cage bp and solid defensive drills. Then with a beautiful sun and clear sky the NDG Junior Lynx started the tournament opening game against Calgary representing Alberta. The game went ok but we weren't happening at the plate--despite a strong pitching performance by Jason Kennedy--our bats didn't survive the long travel and we had to manufacture four runs on only one hit. We lost 11-4 but were in the game tied until the fouth.  The boys represented very well in the opening ceremonies and Sam Carmel did the Little League pledge in French by memory !!! We headed back to a healthy pizza meal and will hit the hay very soon to ready ourselves for the 6:30 am bus for our 8:30 am vs BC.

Onward .....


Tuesday July 31st

Teams Arrive in Lethbridge - Plane, Buses, and Fun...

Hi Guys,

It's been a tremendous day. From leaving our homes at 5am to the long travel of a four-and-a-half hour plan ride plus some downtime in Calgary airport. Then along with teams from Calgary and Sydney, NS we had a beautiful three hour bus ride enjoying the flat terrain of Alberta.


Then off to register with room assignments and then off to the coaches meeting. With less than ten minutes we were back on the bus and off to the team BBQ and skills competition. NDG scored the 2nd best time on an infield defensive drill with yours truly smacking grounders to William Goodman, Jordan Glazer, Jace D'Alessandro, and Michael Beruela, with the sure handed Sam Carmel behind the dish.


Onwards to a throwing accuracy display well represented by Isaac Harris and Tylor Lemaire. We fared well in the running the bases relay with Jason Kennedy, Sam Briere, Jace and "Wheels" Ethan Kinnear. The night capped off with a home run derby display of NDG power from Kennedy and Briere. As I sit here, all the boys are playing frisbee in the clean, still sunny Lethbrige evening; maybe exhausted but stress free and doing their #1 job...having fun.

We play game 1 tomorrow 1130am Calgary time(13H30 EST). I will report as I can.

Go Lynx



Position Name Email
Head Coach Steve Glazer sglazer@riocan.com
Asst. Coach Eric Rayment eric@hockeymontreal.com
Asst. Coach Adam Kinnear  

Steve Glazer Media Interviews

Junior Head Coach & Executive Director, Steve Glazer,

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July 30th, 2012

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July 31st, 2012




Lethbridge, AB, August 1 - 9, 2012

Place Team Record
1st British Columbia 5 - 1
2nd Alberta 4 - 2
3rd Host (Lethbridge) 4 - 2
4th Ontario 3 - 3
5th Atlantic 3 - 3
6th Quebec 2 - 4
7th Saskatchewan 0 - 6

Junior Round-Robin Games

Wednesday Aug. 1st

13H30 (EST)

Thursday Aug. 2nd

10H30 (EST)

Quebec  4


 Alberta  11

 BC  11 


 Quebec  0

 [Box Score]

 [Box Score]


Friday Aug. 3rd

16H30 (EST)

Saturday Aug. 4th

 10H30 (EST)

Atlantic  4


 Quebec  1

Quebec  10


 Sask.  5

[Box Score]

[Box Score]


Monday Aug. 6th

17H30 (EST)

Tuesday Aug. 7th

21H00 (EST)

Quebec  8


 Ontario  7

Host  6


 Quebec  1

[Box Score]

[Box Score]



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