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2011 Senior League National Champions


Below are three Youtube videos that have been created by Carey Ashton for the 2011 National Champions the NDG Senior Lynx.

On behalf of the coaches and players of the NDG Senior Lynx team, we hope that some of the moments presented in these videos go onto inspire players and coaches alike to continue to work hard and dream big.....


- Videos -

Road to the Little League World Series 2011

The Canadian National Championships

The Senior World Series, Bangor ME


The Field of Dreams & Opening Ceremonies

Shawn T. Mansfield Stadium




Aug. 14th - Team hopes to add to Montreal’s baseball history

Aug. 14th - Brewer scores opening-day victory at Senior League World Series


NDG Senior Lynx (Team Canada)

Get Called to Montreal's City Hall

(Photos Courtesy of Ken Quinn)

Senior Lynx (Team Canada) at Montreal City Hall with Borough Mayor Michael Applebaum & Councilor Susan Clark

Head Coach, Bobby Titleman, presents Michael Applebaum with a plaque commemorating the NDG Senior Lynx (Team Canada) achievement 



The Suburban Honours NDG Baseball's

Senior Lynx - NDG's First World Series Participants

Read Pdf Version of the Article



Bobby Titleman's Post World Series Interview

Team 990 - Tuesday August 30th


CBC Interview - Team Canada

Rafael Zapata - Team Canada

World Series Catch vs Tyler, Texas

Manager Team Canada - Ray Callari Interviewed


Bobby Titleman & Ray Callari

Interviewed by Randy Tieman (Team 990)


Alex "AC" Carmel Hits Three-Run Homerun in Sixth Inning

In Game Against the Maritimes



Liam Wyatt & Oliver Singson

 Among Tournament Offensive Leaders

#19 Liam Wyatt

(Ist) OBP .714,  (6th) BA .556

#21 Oliver Singson

(Ist) RBI's - 7, (1st) Hr's - One

NDG Baseball is very proud of the performance given by our NDG Senior Lynx team at the 65th Senior League World Series. Although they come away from the tournament without a win, they did gain the respect of their peers and followers with some tough fought games. They also come away from the tournament with the invaluable experience of playing in a World Series. Of playing against some of the best baseball talent in Little League and in doing so have acquired the knowledge of what is needed to not only move their own performance to the next level but that of the NDG Baseball program as well.

On behalf of NDG Baseball, I'd like to thank all the players, coaches, and parents on a very exciting experience I don't think any of us will ever forget.

Congratulations to Team Canada on a very exciting baseball year.

Game 4 - Results

Thursday Aug. 18th

Italy (EMEA)  13


Canada  7

 [Box Score]






All Updates Courtesy of Bobby T and MC

Bobby T his co-hort MC are back with their Blackberry's in hand to give us on-site updates

fromthe Senior Little League World Series in Bangor, Maine


Friday Aug. 19th

Mary-Catherine Thanks All for Their Enormous Support

Hi all!

Well it's day eight of the World Series and I think these boys are still walking on air. I just want to take a moment to THANK ALL OF YOU back in Montreal! Your support throughout this journey has been incredible and says so much about how this is truly an NDG Baseball triumph and not just a 'team' one.


James, your website has allowed us all to stay connected (media, families, well-wishers etc...) and  we cannot

thank you enough for all the time you put into it. We take the site for granted, but it's the common thread that joins us all...and saves us one hell of a lot in phone bills too!

Ken, your work with the media has been beyond wonderful and has made the experience all the more memorable for the players ...and the whole of NDG baseball. There are so many others to thank...Terry, Steve, Lionel...but I will just say on behalf of us all down here that we have felt your support the entire time...and it's been a very cool part of the journey!


I also want to voice our enormous appreciation for the support of Liquid Nutrition, Easton and Play It Again Sports. Every year it seems we struggle to string together the funds required to allow these boys (and all our NDG players!!) to play we are very grateful for the degree to which these organizations helped us out (with equipment and funding). Their generosity has touched baseball families all over the island of Montreal.

To all the parents missing your'll get them back in two days (along with a LOT of dirty laundry)!! So enjoy your remaining moments of peace. The smell of fermenting uniforms (they've decided that washing them is bad luck) will soon be everywhere.

That would be so proud of how each and every one of them has represented our city, province and COUNTRY! They have made  friends and memories that they'll never forget. I know that I will never forget how lucky I am to have shared in this experience.
We've been on the road now for almost three weeks...I should probably be tired of these boys by now, but the truth is that I am really going to miss each and every one of them.

Lastly I would like to say how incredible the coaches...Bobby, Raf, Livin and Ray.. have been.  There is no way on earth I could ever find the words to sufficiently acknowledge what they've I will simply say that they have given these kids a gift...of friendship, brotherhood and achievement beyond their wildest dreams. I suppose, over time, the enormity of their contribution will sink in...

See u all soon!
Mary Catherine


Wednesday Aug. 17th

Team Canada Loses 5-4 But Earns the Respect of Their Peers

Hi Guys,

After tonight's game, I can honestly say that I have never been more proud of this group of kids!  What a courageous performance by all of them. I have to single out the pitching performance by Kris Reddick-Hopkins:  his NDG Baseball career may be short, but our organization will remember this game for a long time. The webcast of the game cannot 'communicate' the vicious one-hopper that Kris took off the knee in the 3rd (or was it the 4th) inning. Rafael and I were instantly concerned about his health, not his ability to continue on the mound!  Sure enough, after several minutes on the ground followed by a bunch of warm-up pitches, Kris was determined to continue. All he did was pitch a complete game...but unfortunately not a victory. Raf and I  really felt that Kris got 'squeezed' by the umps on a couple of calls in the 6th inning (when Texas scored the decisive run)...but that's baseball folks!!

A couple more game highlights:  Oliver Singson had a massive, 2-run double to deep left-centre to tie the game up at 4. Ollie didn't get all of it...but it must have travelled 375ft!  Rafael Zapata made a diving catch in deep left-centre that was worthy of the 'highlight of the night' (HON) on TSN or ESPN!!

Everyone else contributed in their own way...either defensively, at the plate, or on the bench.

Bottom line, Tyler, Texas (huge favourites) now KNOWS that Team Canada (huge underdogs) has big-time guts and character!

We will do our best to finish the tourney with a 'W' tomorrow vs Italy. But regardless, this team has shown itself to be worthy of the praise and attention that they have received!

Have a good night,  Bobby T. (on behalf of Raf, Livin and Ray)


Monday Aug. 15th





Saturday Aug. 13th



Back Row (left to right):

Ass. Coach - Livin Vargas, Jake Titleman,  Liam Wyatt, , Laurent Dupuis-Solliec,

Rafael Zapata Jr, Trevor Lall, Ass Coach - Rafael Zapata Sr., Head Coach – Bobby Titleman

 Front Row (left to right):

Alex Carmel, Alexis Vargas, Eric Punski, Kris Reddick-Hopkins, Quintin Foster, Oliver Singson

Oliver Singson Shows Off his Uniform

Oliver Singson in his Team Canada Uniform

Photo of Shawn T. Mansfield Stadium

 Home of the Senior Little League World Series

Senior World Series Opening Ceremonies

Friday Aug. 12th

Seniors Off to Bangor, Maine - The Senior Little League World Series

To the NDG Baseball Family,

The Senior Lynx players and coaches are blown away by the outpouring of support and well-wishes that we have received over the past few days. Between all of the e-mails, texts, bbm's and media coverage that we've received, the boys feel like the whole city (and country!) are behind them!

We are on the bus (again!) heading to Bangor, Maine. Tomorrow is 'uniform day' where we officially become Team Canada!  We have the opening ceremonies Saturday night, and then our first game vs. the Host team on Sunday afternoon.  Keep following our progress on what is undoubtedly the best website in the Little League system!

I'll try to send an update from Bangor to give everyone a feel for the WS atmosphere!  GO LYNX GO...GO CANADA GO!!

Bobby T.


2011 Senior Little League National Champions

NDG Senior Lynx pose with banner at the Canadian National Tournament

 held at Rouyn-Noranda, QC


Picher Liam Wyatt & Catcher Alex Carmel Celebrate

Head Coach Bobby Titleman & Catcher Alex Carmel

Wednesday Aug. 10th

NDG Beats BC in Semi-Finals - Off to the Championship Game

Hi Guys,

As everybody close to our program must know by now, the Senior Lynx have themselves in a position to do something that's never been done before:  Win a National Championship!

In yesterday's semi-final vs BC, we got out to an early 3-0 lead. After that, we were able to rely on our 'strengths' (ie: pitching & defense) to coast to a 5-1 victory. Like all of our previous games, the key to this victory was our 'deep' pitching inventory!  A great start by Alexis Vargas, followed by solid relief work by Trevor Lall, Kris Hopkins and Eric Punski, put us in a position to compete tonight for the 'big prize'.

I've mentioned previously how our team focuses on pitching & defense (and timely hitting, of course!) to win close ballgames. So I must mention how steady our infield defense has been:  Rafi Zapata & Eric P at 3rd, Liam Wyatt at short, Jake Titleman at 2nd and Laurent Dupuis-Solliec (aka 'the hitting machine') at 1st. And lastly, Alex 'AC' Carmel has been spectacular behind the plate.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the 'veteran' leadership that has been provided by Oliver 'Big Papi' Singson. Ollie's record at Nationals has experienced a bit of a turnaround this past week!

In case I don't have the opportunity to do so afterwards, I want to thank everybody connected with our team and league for their support and encouragement. A special mention has to go to Mary Catherine Carmel. People have no idea how much 'behind the scenes' effort is required to help get our team into this position...and to allow the players and coaches to focus on what really matters:  Playing good baseball!  We hope to give MC a reason to work even harder after tonight!

I hope the boys would agree that we've had a great coaching staff this year. Ray's contributions have been invaluable...helping take our program 'to the next level'. Rafael Zapata (Sr.) and Livin Vargas and I have worked so well together. We might have slightly different 'baseball philosophies' (based on our own baseball backgrounds), but we are always able to 'mesh' our opinions into a consistent game plan that the boys can execute.

All of the e-mails and calls that we have received are greatly appreciated...from former Lynx players, coaches, parents, etc.  I have read many of them out loud to our team at our pre-game meetings. Keep 'em coming!

So now we have an opportunity to something REALLY special tonight. We can go down fighting with our heads held high...OR... We can walk off the field as National Champions! Both 'stories' will be VERY special for the boys to tell their kids and grandkids one day...but the latter has a MUCH happier ending!!

Quebec vs Ontario tonight (Habs vs Leafs???)...Bring it on!!

Wish us luck,  Bobby T.

Sunday Aug. 7th

NDG Now 4 - 0  With A Sixth Inning Rally Against The Maritimes

Photo Gallery II

Hi Guys,

My apologies again...I missed another game summary (game 3).  But now I have something even more exciting to write about...and that would be game 4!  The Coaches and Ray are thinking about giving these boys a new (but old) nickname:  The Cardiac Kids. They are not making it easy on the frayed nerves of the coaching staff and families in attendance!  It seems like all of these games are being decided in the 6th or 7th innings, which makes for exciting baseball.

Since everyone close to the program probably is aware already that we have a 4-0 record so far, I thought I'd try to shed more light on a 'day in the life' at this tourney:  Today we met for a team breakfast in the hotel lobby at 8:30 AM.  By the time we were done, it was closer to 10am. The tournament schedule had us having lunch at 11:30am. Instead we set up a 1 hour BP in the cage at the park. Luckily, we were able to take-out our St. Hubert chicken lunch and eat it at the park. We then came back to the hotel to relax before our 5pm game. At 3pm, we had a team meeting in Ray's room to review the line-up and the pitching plan for the game. MC then prepared her famous fruit smoothies as a last minute energy boost. By 3:45pm we were at the park starting our pre-game warm-up. And now for the really exciting part....


Once again, new heroes emerged for the NDG Senior Lynx. For instance, Trevor Lall has been a model of consistency on the mound. Game 4 began in similar fashion to the previous games... with excellent pitching and solid defense. Team Maritimes took a 2-0 lead into the bottom of the 6th inning, leaving us 6 more outs to change the direction of the game. Fortunately, we had our number 3 hitter, Liam Wyatt, leading off. He proceeded to hit a towering shot about 325 feet to left center field cutting the lead in half. The "Cardiac Kids" had life!!!  Oliver Singsong then took a fastball in the kidneys. As he has on several occasions, Quintin Foster entered the game as a SPR or special pinch runner. "Q" then stole second to put the tying run in scoring position. Rafi Zapata also got on base setting the stage for Alex "AC" Carmel with 2 runners aboard. AC proceeded to hit a 320ft line shot over the left center fence. In a matter of minutes, our boys turned a 2-0 deficit into a 4-2 lead. Eric Punski, Liam Wyatt and Kris Hopkins shut down a scrappy Maritime line-up after the second inning.


Video - Alex "AC" Carmel Hits Three-Run Homerun in Sixth Inning

The coaches were joking around before the game saying that we were playing "Earl Weaver-type" baseball:  Pitching; Defense; and 3-run homers! Throughout the first 3 games, we have definitely had solid pitching and defense...just no 3-run homers!! That changed in the 6th inning with one swing of the bat.


We are thrilled to be 4-0 but recognize that we have a lot of work left. Keep cheering us on and we will do our best to make you proud!!



Bobby T.

Friday Aug. 5th

NDG Beats BC  -  Team Quebec  Now 2 - 0

La Frontiere - Abitibi vs NDG - (Game 1 Summary and Photos)

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the delay in sending out the first email about our team's progress at the 2011 Canadian Senior Nationals in Rouyn Noranda. As I am sure most of you know by now, our team is off to a great start (7-5 victory last night over the host team and 5-4 victory today over the BC team). 
Being so involved in the game, it's a little tough for me to write a post game summary.  My only comment would be that it has been a complete TEAM effort so far!  Every single player has made an important contribution at some point in the first 2 games.  The entire team is especially thrilled for Oliver Singson.  Oliver has played in 3 National tournaments for NDG.  Unfortunately (and through no fault of his!), his previous record was 0-15.  So before game 1, our team goal was to make Oliver's record at the Nationals 1-15!  He now sits at 2-15...and counting!  His leadership on the field and on the bench has been outstanding.
We are very fortunate to have alot of quality pitchers on this team...and because of the restrictive 'pitch-count' rules, we have already used many of them.  Standout performances by Alexis, Kris Hopkins (K-Hop), Liam, Eric, Laurent & Trevor have put our team in a great position to win both games--and we DID! 
Most of the teams here have a much bigger bench than us, so we are quite limited in the substitution moves that we are able to make.  But our boys are also very versatile, giving the coaching staff a lot of flexibility in terms of player positioning.  Thankfully, the weather has been great.  If we get some rain and are forced to play double-headers, it could become much more 'taxing' on our 11-man team.
I think that's it for now.  We are having a relaxing afternoon around the hotel and heading out for a team dinner at Le Cage aux Sports (compliments of the Carmel family!).  We're back at it at 10:00am tomorrow morning vs. The Prairies (Saskatchewan).  We'll try to keep the momentum going...Keep cheering us on, even from far!!

Bobby T.


Position Name Email
Head Coach Bobby Titleman
Ass. Coach Rafael Zapata
Ass. Coach Livin Vargas
Manager Ray Calari ( Scout - SF Giants)
Ass. Manager Mary-Catherine Carmel


Back Row (left to right):

Ass. Coach - Livin Vargas, Jake Titleman,  Liam Wyatt,

Laurent Dupuis-Solliec,

Rafael Zapata Jr, Trevor Lall, Ass Coach - Rafael Zapata Sr.,

Head Coach – Bobby Titleman

 Front Row (left to right):

Alex Carmel, Alexis Vargas, Eric Punski, Kris Reddick-Hopkins,

Quintin Foster, Oliver Singson





(All Times Listed Are Eastern Standard Time)

Aug. 15th Sunday 12H00 Host - Brewer, Maine Canada
Aug. 16th Monday 13H00 Talbot Country, Maryland Canada
Aug. 17th Wednesday 20H00 Tyler, Texas Canada
Aug. 18th Thursday 09H00 Friuli V G, Italy Canada

View Games Live Via


Sunday Aug. 14th

Monday Aug. 15th

Canada  2

   Brewer, ME  7

East (USA)  15


Canada  2

 [Box Score]

 [Box Score]


Wednesday Aug. 17th

Thursday Aug. 18th

Canada  4

   Taylor, TX  5

Italy (EMEA)  13


Canada  7

 [Box Score]

 [Box Score]




Back Row (left to right):

Ass Coach - Rafael Zapata Sr., Rafael Zapata Jr., Oliver Singson,

Trevor Lall, Alex Carmel, Liam Wyatt,

 Ass. Coach - Livin Vargas, Head Coach – Bobby Titleman

 Front Row (left to right):

Laurent Dupuis-Solliec, Kris Reddick Hopkins, Quintin Foster,

Eric Punski, Jake Titleman, Alexis Vargas


National Tournament

Media Coverage & Photo Galleries




Bobby Titleman & Ray Callari

Interviewed by Randy Tieman (Team 990)




Rouyn-Noranda, QC, August 4 - 10, 2011 - Live Scoring On-Line

Championship Game

Wednesday Aug. 10th

Quebec  4

   Ontario  3

 [Box Score]


Tuesday Aug. 9th

Tuesday Aug. 9th

BC  1

   Quebec  5

Abitibi  1


Ontario  5

 [Box Score]

 [Box Score]


Tuesday Aug. 9th

Maritimes  6

   Prairies  3

 [Box Score]

Place Team Record
1st Quebec 5 - 0
2nd Ontario 3 - 2
3rd Host (Abitibi) 3 - 2
4th British Columbia 2 - 3
5th Prairies 1 - 4
6th Maritimes 1 - 4

NDG Senior Lynx Round-Robin Games

Thursday Aug. 4th

Friday Aug. 5th

Abitibi  5

   Quebec 7

 BC  4


 Quebec  5

[Box Score]

 [Box Score]


Saturday Aug. 6th

Sunday Aug. 7th

Prairies  1

   Quebec  2

Maritimes  2

   Quebec  4

[Box Score]

[Box Score]


Monday Aug. 7th


Quebec  10

   Ontario 3      

[Box Score]


The last time a Quebec team has represented Canada at the Senior Little League World

Series was twenty-four years ago (1987 - Valleyfield). The last time any Quebec team has

represented Canada at any level of the Little League World Series was eighteen years ago

(1993 - Valleyfield - Junior Division).

The NDG Senior Lynx went 7-0 at the Canadian Nationals and were 3-0 at Quebec


Individual NDG Senior Lynx players faired very well at the National Tournament. Please

see below for individual player stats and rankings.

Batting (Ranking - Name - Stats):

1st -    Liam Wyatt, BA - .526, 10 for 19, 2 doubles, 1 HR, 4 RBI's

12th - Alex Carmel, BA - .278, 5 for 18, 2 RBI's

RBI's (Ranking - Name - Stats):

1st - Rafael Zapata, 9 RBI's

Stolen Bases (Ranking - Name - Stats):

2nd - Liam Wyatt, 7 Stolen Bases

4th - Alex Carmel, 5 Stolen Bases

Pitching (Ranking - Name - Stats):

1st - (3 tied) - Kris Reddick Hopkins,, ERA. 0.00, IP -8.2, R-1, ER-0, BB-2, SO-10

2nd - Alexis Vargas, ERA. 0.78, IP -9.0, R-3, ER-1, BB-5, SO-8

3rd - Liam Wyatt, ERA. 0.81, IP -8.2, R-2, ER-1, BB-3, SO-12



NDG Senior Lynx beat Valleyfield 16-3 in the double-elimination Little League Provincial Tournament. The Senior Lynx will now be off to the Canadian National Tournament in Rouyn Noranda, QC.

Senior Little League Provincials


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