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Terry Doucet

Pitching Coach McGill University

      Young baseball players need to develop their arms by throwing.  Throwing with their Mum, throwing with their Dad, throwing with their brothers and sisters, throwing with their friends; in fact throwing, any time they can. When the weather is nice, you should do it outside, but with our cold winters, you need to find a place to throw in-doors.  Find a spot in the basement or garage where you can throw a softer baseball against the wall.


     In a game, infielders need to get the ball to a base as quickly as possible so that means any quick arm movement.  Whatever arm motion it takes to get the batter or base-runner out. But outfielders and pitchers must throw very hard, so must follow certain mechanical movements in order to protect their arms and shoulders from injury.

During practice sessions and warm-up, all players should follow basic mechanics. In preparation to throw:  

 Bring the arm with the ball up, so that the upper arm (bicep) is parallel to the ground. The ball should face away from the person receiving your throw.  This is the most important skill to develop in order to prevent injury to the shoulder and elbow.  Watch the player and make certain that the upper arm does not drop below the (parallel to ground) position.   

Left: Andy Pettitte of the Houston Astros demonstrating the classic T-Position

Keeping the arm with the ball in the above position, rotate your whole body and launch the ball to your catcher.  

Left: Javier Vazquez of the Arizona Diamondbacks rotating towards the target.


     There are hundreds of other factors involved with pitching mechanics, far too many to list on this web site, but if young players throw in the above manner, hundreds of times per week, they will build arm strength and accuracy that will make them better baseball players for our next season.  There is nothing complex about this, but there is a lot of work required.  Those who have the ability and determination to work will succeed.  

NDG Baseball Pitching Clinic

     Terry Doucet heads a pitching clinic throughout the fall and winter months every Tuesday at 19:30 at St. Luc High School which is located on Kensington & Cote-St-Luc Rd. in NDG. These clinics are free and open to all who want to develop their pitching mechanics. The clinics are slated to begin in October, when the exact date is known it will be posted on the main page of the website.

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