Founded Spring 1961

First Game Played Saturday May 27th - Loyola Park

Minor Baseball Registration is Slated for Saturday

The Monitor, Thursday April 20th, 1961

(Photo by Leo Thompson)

THE NEW N.D.G. MINOR baseball League executive are ready for business, the business of putting 12 to 16 teams on the diamond, but that will be depending on registration day which is Saturday from 10 to 12 noon at any N.D.G. park field house. Front row, left to right: Solly Mastro, vice-president; councilor Frank Donnelly, president; Paul Valois, treasurer; back row: Fraser (Fitz) Crowdis, vice-president in charge of coaching; Pail Wimmer, City of Montreal Chief Sports Supervisor and commissioner; Ted Champ, secretary.

Councilor Frank Donnelly, president of the newly formed Notre Dame de Grace Minor Baseball League, announced that registration day has been set for Saturday, April 22 and Saturday, April 29, from 10 a.m. ro 12 noon at any of the N.D.G. district park field houses.

The parks are: Benny, Loyola (Coronation), Trenholme, Patricia, Patricia, Terrebonne (Kensington) Macdonald, Oxford, and N.D.G. Representatives will be on hand for the two hours at all parks mentioned. The boy interested in registering should report to the nearest park to his home.

Of course an amateur group like this one, starting out fresh, will be in need of finances and president Donnelly and his finance committee will be glad to hear from any sportsman, group or even N.D.G. business concerns. They may contact Mr. Donnelly at HU. 9-6847.

"This idea has been some time coming. Now that we are well organized in football. It's high time we turned to baseball.

Donnelly is firm when he says there is an urgent need of a baseball program for N.D.G. kids. "It will help take up the slack period after youngsters out-grow Little League Baseball (12 years). This is an awkward age for youngsters. Where can they play after 12?"

The sports minded civic official revealed that leagues will be set up in mosquito (8-10)pee-wee (10-12), bantam (12-14), midget (14-16), and juvenile (16-18) with playing fields at Loyola, N.D.G., Oxford, Trenholme, and Macdonald parks. 

"We will have 12 to 16 teams to start, four per league and we will also provide complete equipment for the boys. Our opener is set for May 27 at Loyola Park," added Donnelly.

The program is not only aimed at providing recreation for youngsters who are forced to spend summer months in the city, but also for boys who go away weekends. Mid-week games will be played during July and August.

The emphasis will be on competition rather than winning. "Any boy who registers for our leagues will be assured of a place on the teams," he says.

Donnelly as chairman of the N.D.G. Minor Baseball League doesn't expect to put over a program of this nature without assistance. he has lined up a competent executive. Solly Mastro will be vice-president; Paul Valois treasurer; Phil Wimmer, commissioner; Ted Champ, secretary; and 'Hap' Holland, publicity chairman.

In keeping with his intense interest in kids. Canadiens' star defenseman, Doug Harvey, is an honorary director and member. Fraser Crowdis will be in charge of coaching staff which will also include Malcolm Caldwell, Oscar Campbell, Alf Harvey, Harry Adams, Jackie Wallace, Mike Valois, and Pat Moyniham.

"The program has great merit," declared Donnelly. "All we need is a good registration to make it succeed"

As of May - 551 Boys had signed up for N.D.G. Minor Baseball"




Yankee coach to lead clinic

The Monitor, March, 1963

N.D.G. MINOR BASEBALL: The N.D.G. League Baseball group will be one of the local baseball baseball organizations participating in the clinic organized and sponsored by the Little League Baseball organization of the Province of Quebec.  The clinic will be held on March 24, at the Maisonneuve Sports Centre with New York Yankee baseball coach Arthur Dede in charge. Pictured from left to right front row are, minor ball players Jimmy Donnelly, Tommy Glatzmayer, and Ronnie Morehouse. Back row, Frank Donnelly, league president; Ed MacLaine and Paul Valois, league executives.

The Little League Baseball ball organization of the Province of Quebec will conduct a baseball clinic at the Maisonneuve Sports Centre, located on Viau avenue just south on Sherbrooke on Sunday march 24th, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Jim Wilson, Provincial Little League Director has secured the services of Arthur Dede, a scout and coach of rookies for the New York Yankees to lead the clinic.

Dede, who is well known in Montreal, as he visited the Stadium regularly when the Royals were operating at Delormier Downs, has a background of more than 40 years in major league baseball. He broke into major baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1917, and was a member of the first Dodger team to win a National League pennant. His manager with the Dodgers was fabled Wilbert Robinson. His roommate in those daffy days was the colorful and unpredictable Casey Stengel.

Dede, was a scout and coach of rookies for the Dodgers from the early forties until their departure for Los Angeles. He then switched his allegiance to the Yankees.

The baseball clinic is being held for the benefit of Little League managers and coaches from the entire Province of Quebec and the Ottawa Valley district.

Mr. Wilson advices that in the interest of the youth of our Province an invitation has been extended to all baseball personnel of the city of Montreal, through Phil Wimmer supervisor of the Department of Parks and Play-grounds, and to towns with a

population of 10, 000 or more within a radius of 100 miles from Montreal to send coaches and managers to the clinic.


In 1987 - NDG Minor Baseball joins Little League Baseball Quebec 


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