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Last Updated: Sunday May 7th, 2017

Minor House League Baseball News

Regular Season Schedule & Scores



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(Example: Game# 3008, Pirates 15, Yankees 12)



9-May Tuesday 18:30-20:15 NDG Blue Jays 6 Expos  5 3001
9-May Tuesday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Pirates - RO Giants - RO 3002
11-May Thursday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Yankees - RO Blue Jays - RO 3003
11-May Thursday 18:30-20:15 NDG Expos - RO Pirates - RO 3004
16-May Tuesday 18:30-20:15 NDG Giants 7 Yankees 6 3005
16-May Tuesday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Blue Jays 6 Pirates 5 3006
18-May Thursday 18:30-20:15 NDG Expos 12 Giants 9 3007
18-May Thursday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Pirates 8 Yankees 9 3008
23-May Tuesday 18:30-20:15 NDG Giants Blue Jays 3009
23-May Tuesday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Yankees Expos 3010
25-May Thursday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Pirates Blue Jays 3011
25-May Thursday 18:30-20:15 NDG Giants Expos 3012
30-May Tuesday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Blue Jays Giants 3013
30-May Tuesday 18:30-20:15 NDG Expos Yankees 3014
1-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 NDG Yankees Pirates 3015
1-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Expos Blue Jays 3016
6-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 NDG Pirates Expos 3017
6-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Yankees Giants 3018
8-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Giants Pirates 3019
8-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 NDG Blue Jays Yankees 3020
13-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Blue Jays Expos 3021
13-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 NDG Giants Pirates 3022
15-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Blue Jays Giants 3023
15-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Expos Yankees 3024
20-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Expos Yankees 3025
20-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Pirates Blue Jays 3026
22-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Expos Giants 3027
22-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Pirates Yankees 3028
27-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Yankees Pirates 3029
27-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Giants Blue Jays 3030
29-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Blue Jays Expos 3031
29-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Pirates Giants 3032
4-Jul Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Yankees Blue Jays 3033
4-Jul Tuesday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Expos Pirates 3034
6-Jul Thursday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Giants Expos 3035
6-Jul Thursday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Yankees Blue Jays 3036
11-Jul Tuesday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Yankees Giants 3037
11-Jul Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Pirates Expos 3038
13-Jul Thursday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Giants Yankees 3039
13-Jul Thursday 18:30-20:15 MacDonald Blue Jays Pirates 3040
1-Aug Tuesday 18:15-20:00 Loyola-2 Team 5 Team 4 3041
1-Aug Tuesday 18:15-20:00 MacDonald Team 3 Team 2 3042
3-Aug Thursday 18:15-20:00 MacDonald Winner 3041 Team 1 3043
3-Aug Thursday 18:15-20:00 Loyola-2 Loser 3041 Loser 3042 3044
8-Aug Tuesday 18:15-20:00 MacDonald Winner 3042 Winner 3043 3045
10-Aug Thursday 18:15-20:00 Loyola-2 Winner 3044 Loser 3043 3046
15-Aug Tuesday 18:15-20:00 Loyola-2 Winner 3046 Loser 3045 3047
19-Aug Saturday 11:45-14:00 Loyola-2 Winner 3047 Winner 3045 3048
19-Aug Saturday T.B.A. Loyola-2 If Needed If Needed 3049


Minor Parks

Loyola 2 - Fielding & Coronation

Macdonald - Clanranald & Dupuis


NDG Park - Girouard & Cote-Saint-Antoine


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Minor Director -  Paul Tsang

Email: minor@ndgbaseball.org


Rookie House League Standings

Teams W L Ties Win % Points
Giants 1 1 - - -
Blue Jays 2 - - - -
Pirates - 2 - - -
Yankees 1 1 - - -
Expos 1 1 - - -

Minor House League Rules - 2017

ALL COACHES - please prepare pitchers for the start of an Inning & ensure catchers are suited up quickly. Let's move games along and maximized innings played. 


The umpires are also gaining experience at games, some calls can be are missed - please allow the Head Coaches to handle disputed calls.


(pdf version)

  Maximum of 4 Runs per Inning. Exception: Last Inning (to be

    agreed upon by Head Coaches) will be open;

  45 pitches or 1 innings pitched maximum per pitcher including

    LYNX PLAYERS; (if they are in the middle of an at bat and

    exceed 45 they can finish that batter);

  Once a pitcher is removed from the game they cannot return to

    the game as a pitcher;

  NO intentional Walks during the season;

  Two (2) "Wild Pitches" (directed completely outside batters boxes

    or above the batter's head) or 2 Hit Batters or a combination of

    the two in same Inning results in a pitching change;

  Leg first slide allowed. Head first slides are illegal and result in

    an automatic Out;
   Baserunner(s) can attempt a steal only after the pitched ball has

     crossed Homeplate. 

   No leading;

   1 base per steal MAXIMUM;

  Tagging up from any base;

   NO STEALING OF HOME even on an attempted throw or on a

     passed ball;
  Everyone bats (Continuous Batting Order);

   Bunting is allowed;

  Thrown bat by batter results in an automatic Out;

   No bats permitted in the dugouts;

   10 players allowed on the field (This is an NDG Minor House

     League Rule);

   When a team is on defence, the Coaches are to remain in the

     dugout or at minimum in the doorway (one foot in the dugout).

     At least one Coach in the dugout at all times;

   Only Head Coaches are allowed to discuss calls made by the


   Players must wear long pants, team jersey shirts (tucked in),

      baseball caps and footwear (no metal cleats) with socks;

    Protective cup (jockstrap/jillstrap) mandatory and must be worn

      by all players. Failure to do so requires approval of the Head

      Coach to play in a position deemed safer (ie. Outfield);

    Minimum 8 players for a legal roster;
    If a team needs replacement players they must make the

      request 24hrs in advance with the Division Director. Alternatively

      a team can arrange to borrow players from the opposing team

      to reach the min. 8. NO FORFEITS.

    Games start at 6:30pm. Warm-ups must be completed prior.

    No new inning can start after 8:00pm.


Paul Tsang

Minor Division Director





 Describes Inside-Out Swing


 HOF (2007) - 8 Time NL Batting Champion, 3141 Career Hits,

Career Batting Average .338