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Last Updated: Saturday August 20th, 2016

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Championship Game (Loyola -2)  

Grays (4) vs Giants (5)

GIANTS - Minor House League Champions

The Minor Giants Roster:

Emmanuel Bédard, Antonin Bilodeau, Luke Corbin-O'Kill, Noah Doudeau,

Jacob Frankel, Eton Hill, Ronan Marilley, Shasha Meisels, Nicolas Perrault-Rocheleau,

Logan Salpeter, Josh Schwartz, Benjamin Vincent


Ryan Frankel, Andrew Salpeter, Andrew Schwartz




Note to Coaches

Scores of Games


the 24 Hour Rule

The coach of the winning team must email or call in the score to the director or your division (convenor) within 24 hours of the end of the game


both teams will be in default

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by Frank Martinez

Yellow Uniform: McKean’s Sugar Kings

In honor to Jim McKean, NDG Baseball NDG baseball alumnus as both an esteemed American League Umpire for 28 years, as a professional career in the CFL and as an all star QB with the NDG Maple Leafs.

Green Uniform: Carey Ashton's Cubs

Carey Ashton is probably one of the most influential coaches in NDG Baseball history. After coaching his son's House League team from 1998 -2000, Carey was asked to be head coach of the Major Lynx team in 2001. By 2004, Carey's led his Major Lynx team to NDG Baseball's first Provincial A tournament Championship and first appearance at a National tournament. His team would lose 4-1 in the Championship Game just missing a chance to represent Canada at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. Carey and pitching coach Jan Sauve-Frankel made a movie about the experience (It's All About the Team)

Over the next six years Carey would lead NDG Baseball teams to five more National tournaments. Many players who played on his teams went onto play Midget AAA and university baseball in the USA and Canada.

FYI - What makes Carey's accomplishments even more impressive is that he coaches from an electric wheelchair due to being afflicted with Muscular Dystrophy. Carey retired from coaching in 2010 due to the progression of his disorder.

Gray uniform: Terry’s Grays

Terry Doucet contribution to NDG legacy of excellent is second to none, two National Champion at the as a member McGill Redmen pitching coach, he brought his knowledge to NDG as a Director of coaching, pitching director and president.

Red Uniform: Charlie Hindley’s Angels

Charlie Hindley was involved with baseball in NDG for more than forty years now. He started out as a coach in the early 1970’s coaching competitive teams at the Mosquito level where they played against teams from various boroughs of the City of Montreal. One of his highlights was having his team invited to the Olympic Stadium where his players walked out onto the field with members of the Montreal Expos and stood with them for the singing of our National Anthem. Charlie soon switched to umpiring the game and it is this position for which he is best remembered by most of us in this room. Charlie’s friendly smile and jovial wit made the tough calls a lot easier to take by our players and coaches.

Charlie worked in the insurance industry for many years and one of his clients was the Montreal Expos club. He had many contacts in that organization and would use those contacts when he felt he could help our kids. I remember one pitcher who was feeling particularly downcast after a pretty rotten performance on the mound being quite elated when Charlie approached him later with a couple of tickets for an Expos game. Charlie was always in demand by our traveling teams playing highly competitive ball. We always wanted our best umpire on the field so that we were assured that the calls and rulings were correctly made according to the rule book. It is with great honour and pride that NDG Baseball bestows its Legacy Award to umpire extraordinaire – Charlie Hindley.

Orange Uniform: Ken’s Giants

Team name is to honour one of NDG living legend, Ken Quinn former Director of communications, NDG President and coach. Ken moved to the west-island in the latter years of his NDG Baseball life and always commuted to NDG to look after the baseball program he loved. Ken left his print on the league we have today, thanks to his devoted dedication to spread the gospel of fair play and following Lionel Geller’s teaching.

White Uniform : Lionel’s Monarchs

Team name is to honour one of NDG bounding fathers, Lionel Geller, whom 37 years of service as a volunteer, defines dedication and devotion for the NDG family.

Lionel set the standards on how NDG should conduct it’s business by always saying: It’s all about the kids.


Minor Parks

Loyola 2 - Fielding & Coronation

Macdonald - Clanranald & Dupuis


NDG Park - Girouard & Cote-Saint-Antoine

Regular Season Schedule & Scores


NDG Minor Baseball
Schedule (6 TEAMS) - 2016
14-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Grays 5 Sugar Kings 10 3021
14-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Macdonald Angels 3 Giants 4 3022
14-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 NDG Monarchs 5 Cubs 6 3022C
16-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 NDG Monarchs 5 Grays 6 3023
16-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 Macdonald Sugar Kings 4 Angels 11 3024
16-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Cubs 11 Giants 2 3024C
21-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Giants 8 Monarchs 7 3025
21-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 NDG Grays 15 Angels 6 3026
21-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Macdonald Sugar Kings 4 Cubs 10 3026C
23-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 Macdonald Sugar Kings 4 Giants 10 3027
23-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Angels Monarchs 3028
23-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 NDG Cubs 7 Grays 5 3028C
28-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 NDG Grays RO Giants RO 3029
28-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Macdonald Sugar Kings RO Monarchs RO 3030
28-Jun Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Angels RO Cubs RO 3030C
30-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Sugar Kings 13 Grays 7 3031
30-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 NDG Giants 4 Angels 2 3032
30-Jun Thursday 18:30-20:15 Macdonald Cubs 14 Monarchs 7 3032C
5-Jul Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Macdonald Grays 8 Monarchs 4 3033
5-Jul Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Angels 11 Sugar Kings 6 3034
5-Jul Tuesday 18:30-20:15 NDG Giants 3 Cubs 6 3034C
7-Jul Thursday 18:30-20:15 NDG Monarchs 8 Giants 6 3035
7-Jul Thursday 18:30-20:15 Macdonald Angels 7 Grays 4 3036
7-Jul Thursday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Cubs 8 Sugar Kings 4 3036C
12-Jul Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Giants 16 Sugar Kings 6 3037
12-Jul Tuesday 18:30-20:15 NDG Monarchs 4 Angels 2 3038
12-Jul Tuesday 18:30-20:15 Macdonald Grays 10 Cubs 6 3038C
14-Jul Thursday 18:30-20:15 Macdonald Giants RO Grays RO 3039
14-Jul Thursday 18:30-20:15 Loyola-2 Monarchs 17 Sugar Kings 8 3040
14-Jul Thursday 18:30-20:15 NDG Cubs RO Angels RO 3040C
2-Aug Tuesday 18:15-20:00 Macdonald Sugar Kings Grays 3041
2-Aug Tuesday 18:15-20:00 Loyola-2 Monarchs Angels 3042
4-Aug Thursday 18:15-20:00 Macdonald Winner 3041 Cubs 3043
4-Aug Thursday 18:15-20:00 Loyola-2 Winner 3042 Giants 3044
9-Aug Tuesday 18:15-20:00 Macdonald Loser 3041 Loser 3042 3045
9-Aug Tuesday 18:15-20:00 Loyola-2 Loser 3043 Loser 3044 3046
11-Aug Thursday 18:15-20:00 NDG Winner 3043 Winner 3044 3047
11-Aug Thursday 18:15-20:00 Loyola-2 Winner 3045 Winner 3046 3048
16-Aug Tuesday 18:15-20:00 Loyola-2 Winner 3048 Loser 3047 3049
20-Aug Saturday 11:30-13:30 Loyola-2 Winner 3049 Winner 3047 3050
20-Aug Saturday T.B.A. Loyola-2 If Needed If Needed 3051


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Minor Director -  Frank Martinez

Email Score: f.l.m.martinez@gmail.com

Phone: 514-216-8291

Minor House League Standings

(Regular Season)

Teams W L Ties Points
Cubs (Green) 7 1 - 14
Giants (Orange) 5 3 - 10
Grays (Grey) 4 4 - 8
Angels (Red) 3 4 - 6
Monarchs (White) 3 5 - 6
Sugar Kings ( Yellow) 2 7 - 4

Minor House League Rules

A) 1 base per steal MAXIMUM;

B) Tagging up from any base;

C) Bunting is allowed;

D) NO STEALING OF HOME even on an attempted throw or on a passed ball;

E) 45 pitches or 1 innings pitched maximum per pitcher including LYNX PLAYERS; (if they are in the middle of an at bat and exceed 45 they can finish that batter)

F) Once a pitcher is removed from the game they cannot return to the game as a pitcher.

G) 5 runs maximum scored per inning except the last inning.


I)  everyone bats (Continuous Batting Order)

J) 10 players allowed on the field (This is an NDG Minor House League Rule)

K) All call ups from Rookie HL when batting  must wear the full face helmet protector.






 Describes Inside-Out Swing


 HOF (2007) - 8 Time NL Batting Champion, 3141 Career Hits,

Career Batting Average .338