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The Major Lions beat Ile Perrot 13 - 3 in the final game to become the Major "B" Provincial Champions. The Major Lions went into the finals needing to beat Ile Perrot twice, a team they had lost to 27 - 10 a few days earlier, to win the championship. The first game was forfeited by Ile Perrot for reasons unknown at this time but it meant the Major Lions needed only to win the final game to be crowned provincial champions and they succeeded. Congratulations to the Major Lions and their coaching staff

Major "B" Tournament Scores


July 24th, 2006

We have 2 wins and 1 loss---With our win over Valleyfield in game 1 (4-3) we were looking forward to playing Ile Perrot in our second game. We were in the game until a late inning collapse gave us our first loss (27-10).

Monday night Lee Jardin pitched his second complete and victorious game highlighted by Cameron Maag who hit an excuse me inside the park home-run. He was out of energy in between 2nd and 3rd base but was waved home by third base coach Victor Wolfe. The catcher had the ball in his hand about five seconds before Cameron neared the plate, but just as the catcher went to apply the tag, Cameron jumped over him to score the run. How about that!

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