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Senior World Series - Bangor, Maine

(August 10th - August 16th)

The Senior Lynx - What a Ride

NDG Reporter

At the beginning of the year the Senior Lynx had their sights set on achieving a National Title and attending the World Series in Bangor, Maine. The Lynx gave it a valiant effort, finishing second in round-robin play, moving onto the play-off round of the tournament, but then falling one game short of the finals by losing to Glace Bay in the second play-off game.

While the Lynx didn't win the tournament, in some ways I'd say the tournament was a success. The Whalley Chiefs, who ended up the National Champion,

dominated every other team during the week of play with lop-sided victories in every game except for the two games they played against the NDG Lynx. In those games, the Chiefs won, but only by very slim margins of 4-3 and 10-7 with the 4-3 game being decided by a controversial bases loaded balk call.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Whalley Chiefs did not want to see the Lynx again in the finals. The Lynx had shown Whalley that they could play at their level. However, as we know the Lynx fell one game short of that chance by losing to the Glace Bay Antonians 7-3 in a game that would end up taking over twenty-four hours to complete because of persistent rain-delays. I'm sure the constant delays had an effect on the NDG Lynx players but to be honest the Glace Bay players were in the same boat, so to speak, so hats off to them on their hard fought victory.

In the end, the NDG Senior Lynx have every right to be proud of their season. They had a regular season record of 47-3-1, won all five of the tournaments they attended, finished second in the round-robin portion of the National tournament, and faced Canada's top team, the Whalley Chiefs, and proved to them and themselves that they can play with the best in the country.

They say if you reach for the stars you may not touch them but you won't come up with a handful of mud either. The NDG Senior Lynx reached for the stars and in doing so proved to themselves and the rest of the country that they can play with any team and hold their own.

On behalf of NDG Minor Baseball, I'd like to thank the NDG Senior Lynx players, the Lynx coaching staff, and the dedicated parents on a very inspiring and entertaining season. It's been a fun ride!

Senior Canadian Nationals

Round-Robin Play



Whalley 5 - 0



NDG 3 - 2


Atlantic *

Glace Bay 2 - 2



Community Park LL 2 - 3



Oakville 2 - 3


Ontario *

Orleans 0 - 4


Note: Atlantic/Ontario game not played because would not make difference

in standings

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